2023 Baseball Showcases

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West Sessions (June 2023) Woodland, CA
June 20-21 (Woodland, CA)$1,095CLOSED
June 22-23 (Woodland, CA)$1,095CLOSED
Northeast Sessions (July & August 2023) Long Island, NY
July 10-11 (Long Island, NY)$1,095CLOSED
August 2-3 (Long Island, NY)$1,095CLOSED
August 4-5 (Long Island, NY)$1,095CLOSED
August 7-8 (Long Island, NY)$1,095CLOSED


Dominate the Showcase

Boost your prospects by showcasing your defensive and offensive skills while all eyes are on you.

Live Gameplay

Compete in three games (21 innings) to score the attention of coaches and see how you compare with other players your age.

Test Your Tools

Gain full insight into your play with objective measurements like the 60 yard dash, overhand throwing velocity, and batted ball velocity.


Maximize Your Stats

Coaches rely on this crucial information to evaluate and recruit potential players. Both players and coaches receive in-game data and analytics after camp through Rapsodo for primary pitchers.

Direct Access to Decision-Makers

Connect face-to-face with coaches from the nation’s top academic programs. Coaches engage with you on the field and off to get to know you as a person, not just a player.

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See the Schedule

Take an inside look at what a typical two days at camp is like for players.

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2023 Attending Programs
  • Bowdoin
  • Brown
  • Emory
  • George Washington
  • Georgetown
  • Haverford
  • Macalester
  • Stanford
  • University of Chicago
  • UVA
  • Wesleyan
  • Wofford
  • Yale

Access Granted. Goals Crushed.

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