2022 Baseball Sessions


The programs listed below have confirmed their attendance for 2022 sessions. We will continue to update and add to the list of confirmed coaches in the months leading up to camp.

SessionDatesSchool HRC Alumni on 2022 RosterCoachDivisionState
West FallSeptember 10-11CaltechCaltechGrant Victor3CA
West FallSeptember 10-11CatholicCatholic16 (41% of roster)Bobby Picardo3DC
West FallSeptember 10-11ChapmanChapman15 (44% of roster)*Joe Torres3CA
West FallSeptember 10-11DukeDuke7 (17% of roster)Erik Tyler1NC
West FallSeptember 10-11Embry-RiddleEmbry-Riddle3 (6% of roster)Kenton SchroterNAIAAZ
West FallSeptember 10-11GeorgetownGeorgetown17 (45% of roster)Brock Keener1DC
West FallSeptember 10-11GrinnellGrinnell29 (64% of roster)Chris Stout3IA
West FallSeptember 10-11George FoxGeorge Fox4 (8% of roster)Brandon Rupp3OR
West FallSeptember 10-11George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonBryan Liriano1DC
West FallSeptember 10-11Illinois TechIllinois-Tech5 (20% of roster)*Brady Roberts3IL
West FallSeptember 10-11KenyonKenyon27 (73% of roster)Matt Burdette3OH
West FallSeptember 10-11MuhlenbergMuhlenberg18 (46% of roster)*Tod Gross3PA
West FallSeptember 10-11Stanford (Day 1 Only)Stanford3 (8% of roster)Steve Rodriguez1CA
West FallSeptember 10-11UC DavisUC DavisSky Valenzuela1CA
West FallSeptember 10-11USFUSFRyan Gaynor1CA
West FallSeptember 10-11YaleYale15 (47% of roster)Corey Keane1CT
West 1June 21-22BardBard16 (70% of roster)*Andy Salvatore3NY
West 1June 21-22CaltechCaltechKevin Whitehead3CA
West 1June 21-22CatholicCatholic16 (41% of roster)Ross Natoli3DC
West 1June 21-22Chapman (DAY 2 ONLY)Chapman15 (44% of roster)*Cameron McMullen3CA
West 1June 21-22Coast Guardcoast-guard2 (7% of roster)*Eric Degre3CT
West 1June 21-22ColumbiaColumbia13 (30% of roster)Erik Supplee1NY
West 1June 21-22DukeDuke7 (17% of roster)Chris Gordon1NC
West 1June 21-22Embry-RiddleEmbry-Riddle3 (6% of roster)Kenton SchroterNAIAAZ
West 1June 21-22EmoryEmory26 (76% of roster)Bobby Perez3GA
West 1June 21-22George FoxGeorge Fox4 (8% of roster)Brandon Rupp3OR
West 1June 21-22GeorgetownGeorgetown17 (45% of roster)George Capen1DC
West 1June 21-22GrinnellGrinnell29 (64% of roster)Chris Stout3IA
West 1June 21-22HaverfordHaverford21 (75% of roster)*Dave Beccaria3PA
West 1June 21-22HobartVin Redmond3NY
West 1June 21-22Illinois TechIllinois-Tech5 (20% of roster)*Ed Zeifert3IL
West 1June 21-22KenyonKenyon27 (73% of roster)Ronnie Krsolovic3OH
West 1June 21-22LafayetteLafayette18 (53% of roster)Garrett Siemek1PA
West 1June 21-22La VerneLa VerneMason Stoltenberg3CA
West 1June 21-22Lewis & ClarkLewis & ClarkEric Del Prado3OR
West 1June 21-22LinfieldLinfield3 (6% of roster)Brian Valentine3OR
West 1June 21-22MacalesterMacalester26 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MN
West 1June 21-22MuhlenbergMuhlenberg18 (46% of roster)*Tod Gross3PA
West 1June 21-22NorthwesternNorthwestern12 (40% of roster)Jimmy Frankos1IL
West 1June 21-22Pacific U.Pacific U.Kyle Treadway3OR
West 1June 21-22RhodesRhodes29 (59% of roster)Rob Schrier3TN
West 1June 21-22RPIRPI21 (51% of roster)Keith Glasser3NY
West 1June 21-22St. OlafSt-Olaf10 (30% of roster)*Joel Gotfredson3MN
West 1June 21-22Stanford (Day 2 Only)Stanford3 (8% of roster)CJ Baker1CA
West 1June 21-22StevensStevens10 (31% of roster)Charles Thielmann3NJ
West 1June 21-22U. ChicagoU-Chicago25 (64% of roster)*Kevin Tyrrell3IL
West 1June 21-22UC DavisUC DavisSky Valenzuela1CA
West 1June 21-22University of the PacificUoPGarrett Degallier1CA
West 1June 21-22VassarVassar21 (75% of roster)*Blayne Fuke3NY
West 1June 21-22Wash. U.Wash. U18 (64% of roster)Pat Bloom3MO
West 1June 21-22WhitmanWhitman14 (48% of roster)Colby Watilo3WA
West 1June 21-22WillametteWillamette7 (23% of roster)Mikey Nantze3OR
West 2June 23-24BardBard16 (70% of roster)*Andy Salvatore3NY
West 2June 23-24BrownBrown6 (23% of roster)Grant Achilles1RI
West 2June 23-24CaltechCaltechKevin Whitehead3CA
West 2June 23-24CatholicCatholic16 (41% of roster)Ross Natoli3DC
West 2June 23-24ChapmanChapman15 (44% of roster)*Cameron McMullen3CA
West 2June 23-24Coast Guardcoast-guard2 (7% of roster)*Eric Degre3CT
West 2June 23-24ColumbiaColumbia13 (30% of roster)Erik Supplee1NY
West 2June 23-24Duke (Day 1 Only)Duke7 (17% of roster)Chris Gordon1NC
West 2June 23-24Embry-RiddleEmbry-Riddle3 (6% of roster)Kenton SchroterNAIAAZ
West 2June 23-24EmoryEmory26 (76% of roster)Bobby Perez3GA
West 2June 23-24George FoxGeorge Fox4 (8% of roster)Brandon Rupp3OR
West 2June 23-24GeorgetownGeorgetown17 (45% of roster)George Capen1DC
West 2June 23-24GrinnellGrinnell29 (64% of roster)Chris Stout3IA
West 2June 23-24HaverfordHaverford21 (75% of roster)*Dave Beccaria3PA
West 2June 23-24HobartVin Redmond3NY
West 2June 23-24Illinois TechIllinois-Tech5 (20% of roster)*Ed Zeifert3IL
West 2June 23-24KenyonKenyon27 (73% of roster)Ronnie Krsolovic3OH
West 2June 23-24LafayetteLafayette18 (53% of roster)Garrett Siemek1PA
West 2June 23-24La VerneLa VerneMason Stoltenberg3CA
West 2June 23-24Lewis & ClarkLewis & ClarkEric Del Prado3OR
West 2June 23-24LinfieldLinfield3 (6% of roster)Brian Valentine3OR
West 2June 23-24MacalesterMacalester26 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MN
West 2June 23-24MuhlenbergMuhlenberg18 (46% of roster)*Tod Gross3PA
West 2June 23-24NorthwesternNorthwestern12 (40% of roster)Jimmy Frankos1IL
West 2June 23-24Pacific U.Pacific U.Kyle Treadway3OR
West 2June 23-24RhodesRhodes29 (59% of roster)Rob Schrier3TN
West 2June 23-24RPIRPI21 (51% of roster)Keith Glasser3NY
West 2June 23-24St. OlafSt-Olaf10 (30% of roster)*Joel Gotfredson3MN
West 2June 23-24StanfordStanford3 (8% of roster)CJ Baker1CA
West 2June 23-24StevensStevens10 (31% of roster)Charles Thielmann3NJ
West 2June 23-24U. ChicagoU-Chicago25 (64% of roster)*Kevin Tyrrell3IL
West 2June 23-24UC DavisUC DavisSky Valenzuela1CA
West 2June 23-24University of the PacificUoPGarrett Degallier1CA
West 2June 23-24VassarVassar21 (75% of roster)*Blayne Fuke3NY
West 2June 23-24Wash. U.Wash. U18 (64% of roster)Pat Bloom3MO
West 2June 23-24WhitmanWhitman14 (48% of roster)Colby Watilo3WA
West 2June 23-24WillametteWillamette7 (23% of roster)Mikey Nantze3OR
Northeast 1July 6-7BardBard16 (70% of roster)*Justin Gomez3NY
Northeast 1July 6-7BowdoinBowdoin15 (71% of roster)**Jason Jensen3ME
Northeast 1July 6-7BrownBrown6 (23% of roster)Holden White1RI
Northeast 1July 6-7Case WesternCase-Western21 (66% of roster)Steve Gruenberg3OH
Northeast 1July 6-7CatholicCatholic16 (41% of roster)Bobby Picardo3DC
Northeast 1July 6-7ChapmanChapman15 (44% of roster)*Cameron McMullen3CA
Northeast 1July 6-7ClarksonClarksonCharlie Wright3NY
Northeast 1July 6-7Coast Guardcoast-guard2 (7% of roster)*Eric Degre3CT
Northeast 1July 6-7ColumbiaColumbia13 (30% of roster)Erik Supplee1NY
Northeast 1July 6-7DeSalesDeSales1 (3% of roster)*Gregg Durrah3PA
Northeast 1July 6-7DickinsonDickinson21 (51% of roster)Craig Hanson3PA
Northeast 1July 6-7DukeDuke7 (17% of roster)Chris Gordon1NC
Northeast 1July 6-7EasternEasternScott Renauro3PA
Northeast 1July 6-7EmoryEmory26 (76% of roster)Bobby Perez3GA
Northeast 1July 6-7Franklin & MarshallFranklin-Marshall21 (66% of roster)Ryan Horning3PA
Northeast 1July 6-7George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonChris O'Neill1DC
Northeast 1July 6-7GeorgetownGeorgetown17 (45% of roster)Edwin Thompson1DC
Northeast 1July 6-7GrinnellGrinnell29 (64% of roster)Chris Stout3IA
Northeast 1July 6-7HaverfordHaverford21 (75% of roster)*Dave Beccaria3PA
Northeast 1July 6-7HobartVin Redmond3NY
Northeast 1July 6-7IthacaIthaca3 (9% of roster)*Justin Forster3NY
Northeast 1July 6-7KenyonKenyon27 (73% of roster)Ronnie Krsolovic3OH
Northeast 1July 6-7LafayetteLafayette18 (53% of roster)Garrett Siemek1PA
Northeast 1July 6-7MacalesterMacalester26 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MN
Northeast 1July 6-7MuhlenbergMuhlenberg18 (46% of roster)*Trey Durrah3PA
Northeast 1July 6-7NicholsNichols3 (5% of roster)Connor Lewis3MA
Northeast 1July 6-7NorthwesternNorthwestern12 (40% of roster)Jimmy Frankos1IL
Northeast 1July 6-7QuinnipiacQuinnipiac3 (10% of roster)Pat O'Neill1CT
Northeast 1July 6-7RPIRPI21 (51% of roster)Keith Glasser3NY
Northeast 1July 6-7Salem StateSalem StateJason Falcon3MA
Northeast 1July 6-7ScrantonScrantonMichael Bartoletti3PA
Northeast 1July 6-7SkidmoreSkidmore12 (43% of roster)*Ron Plourde3NY
Northeast 1July 6-7St. Joseph'sSt JosephsLee Saverio1PA
Northeast 1July 6-7St. LawrenceSt. LawrenceKenny Collins3NY
Northeast 1July 6-7StevensStevens10 (31% of roster)Charles Thielmann3NJ
Northeast 1July 6-7U. ChicagoU-Chicago25 (64% of roster)*Kevin Tyrrell3IL
Northeast 1July 6-7UrsinusUrsinus14 (29% of roster)Stan Exeter3PA
Northeast 1July 6-7VassarVassar21 (75% of roster)*Joe Redmond3NY
Northeast 1July 6-7Wash. U.Wash. U18 (64% of roster)Pat Bloom3MO
Northeast 1July 6-7Washington & LeeWashington-Lee20 (69% of roster)Brandon Cohen3VA
Northeast 1July 6-7WoosterWooster11 (33% of roster)Barry Craddock3OH
Northeast 1July 6-7YaleYale15 (47% of roster)Corey Keane1CT
Northeast 2August 1-2BabsonBabson12 (41% of roster)Mike Napolitano3MA
Northeast 2August 1-2BardBard16 (70% of roster)*Justin Gomez3NY
Northeast 2August 1-2BowdoinBowdoin15 (71% of roster)**Jason Jensen3ME
Northeast 2August 1-2BrownBrown6 (23% of roster)Holden White1RI
Northeast 2August 1-2CaltechCaltechKevin Whitehead3CA
Northeast 2August 1-2Case WesternCase-Western21 (66% of roster)Steve Gruenberg3OH
Northeast 2August 1-2CatholicCatholic16 (41% of roster)Ross Natoli3DC
Northeast 2August 1-2ClarksonClarksonCharlie Wright3NY
Northeast 2August 1-2Coast Guardcoast-guard2 (7% of roster)*Eric Degre3CT
Northeast 2August 1-2ColumbiaColumbia13 (30% of roster)Jim Walsh1NY
Northeast 2August 1-2DenisonDenison23 (58% of roster)Ryne Romick3OH
Northeast 2August 1-2DukeDuke7 (17% of roster)Danny Jung1NC
Northeast 2August 1-2EasternEasternKyle Friebolin3PA
Northeast 2August 1-2Franklin & MarshallFranklin-Marshall21 (66% of roster)Ryan Horning3PA
Northeast 2August 1-2George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonChris O'Neill1DC
Northeast 2August 1-2GeorgetownGeorgetown17 (45% of roster)Julius McDougal1DC
Northeast 2August 1-2Gordon CollegeGordon CollegeTad Skelley3MA
Northeast 2August 1-2GrinnellGrinnell29 (64% of roster)Tim Hollibaugh3IA
Northeast 2August 1-2HaverfordHaverford21 (75% of roster)*Dave Beccaria3PA
Northeast 2August 1-2Hobart (DAY 2 ONLY)Vin Redmond3NY
Northeast 2August 1-2Illinois TechIllinois-Tech5 (20% of roster)*Ed Zeifert3IL
Northeast 2August 1-2IthacaIthaca3 (9% of roster)*Cooper Belyea3NY
Northeast 2August 1-2KenyonKenyon27 (73% of roster)Matt Burdette3OH
Northeast 2August 1-2MacalesterMacalester26 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MN
Northeast 2August 1-2MuhlenbergMuhlenberg18 (46% of roster)*Pete Violante3PA
Northeast 2August 1-2NicholsNichols3 (5% of roster)Connor Lewis3MA
Northeast 2August 1-2NorthwesternNorthwestern12 (40% of roster)Jimmy Frankos1IL
Northeast 2August 1-2OberlinOberlin33 (59% of roster)Jonathan Ray3OH
Northeast 2August 1-2RhodesRhodes29 (59% of roster)Blake Bennett3TN
Northeast 2August 1-2RhodesRhodes29 (59% of roster)Rob Schrier (OBS)3TN
Northeast 2August 1-2RPIRPI21 (51% of roster)Keith Glasser3NY
Northeast 2August 1-2SkidmoreSkidmore12 (43% of roster)*Jonathan Kaiser3NY
Northeast 2August 1-2St. OlafSt-Olaf10 (30% of roster)*Joel Gotfredson3MN
Northeast 2August 1-2StevensStevens10 (31% of roster)Charles Thielmann3NJ
Northeast 2August 1-2TowsonTowson3 (8% of roster)Paul Benoit1MD
Northeast 2August 1-2U. ChicagoU-Chicago25 (64% of roster)*Kevin Tyrrell3IL
Northeast 2August 1-2UnionUnion19 (50% of roster)*Paul Mound (OBS)3NY
Northeast 2August 1-2UnionUnion19 (50% of roster)*Art McDonald (OBS)3NY
Northeast 2August 1-2UrsinusUrsinus14 (29% of roster)Stan Exeter3PA
Northeast 2August 1-2VanderbiltVanderbilt2 (5% of roster)Tyler Shewmaker1TN
Northeast 2August 1-2VassarVassar21 (75% of roster)*Blayne Fuke3NY
Northeast 2August 1-2Wash. U.Wash. U18 (64% of roster)Pat Bloom3MO
Northeast 2August 1-2Washington & JeffersonWashington-Jefferson11 (23% of roster)Josh Crummer3PA
Northeast 2August 1-2Washington & LeeWashington-Lee20 (69% of roster)Brandon Cohen3VA
Northeast 2August 1-2WesleyanWesleyan13 (54% of roster)*Nick Greenwood3CT
Northeast 2August 1-2WheatonWheatonMatt Husted3IL
Northeast 2August 1-2WoosterWooster11 (33% of roster)Barry Craddock3OH
Northeast 2August 1-2YaleYale15 (47% of roster)Erik Carlson1CT
Northeast 3August 3-4BabsonBabson12 (41% of roster)Mike Napolitano3MA
Northeast 3August 3-4BardBard16 (70% of roster)*Justin Gomez3NY
Northeast 3August 3-4BowdoinBowdoin15 (71% of roster)**Jason Jensen3ME
Northeast 3August 3-4BrownBrown6 (23% of roster)Holden White1RI
Northeast 3August 3-4CaltechCaltechKevin Whitehead3CA
Northeast 3August 3-4Case WesternCase-Western21 (66% of roster)Steve Gruenberg3OH
Northeast 3August 3-4CatholicCatholic16 (41% of roster)Ross Natoli3DC
Northeast 3August 3-4ClarksonClarksonCharlie Wright3NY
Northeast 3August 3-4Coast Guardcoast-guard2 (7% of roster)*Eric Degre3CT
Northeast 3August 3-4Columbia (DAY 2 ONLY)Columbia13 (30% of roster)Dan Tischler1NY
Northeast 3August 3-4DenisonDenison23 (58% of roster)Ryne Romick3OH
Northeast 3August 3-4DickinsonDickinson21 (51% of roster)Craig Hanson3PA
Northeast 3August 3-4DukeDuke7 (17% of roster)Danny Jung1NC
Northeast 3August 3-4EasternEasternKyle Friebolin3PA
Northeast 3August 3-4EmoryEmory26 (76% of roster)Sam Carpenter3GA
Northeast 3August 3-4Franklin & MarshallFranklin-Marshall21 (66% of roster)Ryan Horning3PA
Northeast 3August 3-4George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonChris O'Neill1DC
Northeast 3August 3-4GeorgetownGeorgetown17 (45% of roster)Julius McDougal1DC
Northeast 3August 3-4Gordon CollegeGordon CollegeTad Skelley3MA
Northeast 3August 3-4GrinnellGrinnell29 (64% of roster)Tim Hollibaugh3IA
Northeast 3August 3-4HaverfordHaverford21 (75% of roster)*Dave Beccaria3PA
Northeast 3August 3-4HobartVin Redmond3NY
Northeast 3August 3-4Illinois TechIllinois-Tech5 (20% of roster)*Ed Zeifert3IL
Northeast 3August 3-4IthacaIthaca3 (9% of roster)*Cooper Belyea3NY
Northeast 3August 3-4KenyonKenyon27 (73% of roster)Matt Burdette3OH
Northeast 3August 3-4MacalesterMacalester26 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MN
Northeast 3August 3-4MonmouthMonmouthKyle Norman1NJ
Northeast 3August 3-4MuhlenbergMuhlenberg18 (46% of roster)*Pete Violante3PA
Northeast 3August 3-4NicholsNichols3 (5% of roster)Connor Lewis3MA
Northeast 3August 3-4NorthwesternNorthwestern12 (40% of roster)Jimmy Frankos1IL
Northeast 3August 3-4OberlinOberlin33 (59% of roster)Jonathan Ray3OH
Northeast 3August 3-4RhodesRhodes29 (59% of roster)Blake Bennett3TN
Northeast 3August 3-4RhodesRhodes29 (59% of roster)Rob Schrier (OBS)3TN
Northeast 3August 3-4Rose-HulmanAdam Rosen3IN
Northeast 3August 3-4RPIRPI21 (51% of roster)Keith Glasser3NY
Northeast 3August 3-4Sacred HeartSacred Heart4 (11% of roster)Wayne Mazzoni1CT
Northeast 3August 3-4Skidmore (DAY 1 ONLY)Skidmore12 (43% of roster)*Jonathan Kaiser3NY
Northeast 3August 3-4St. LawrenceSt. LawrenceKenny Collins3NY
Northeast 3August 3-4St. OlafSt-Olaf10 (30% of roster)*Joel Gotfredson3MN
Northeast 3August 3-4StevensStevens10 (31% of roster)Charles Thielmann3NJ
Northeast 3August 3-4TowsonTowson3 (8% of roster)Paul Benoit1MD
Northeast 3August 3-4U. ChicagoU-Chicago25 (64% of roster)*Kevin Tyrrell3IL
Northeast 3August 3-4UnionUnion19 (50% of roster)*Paul Mound (OBS)3NY
Northeast 3August 3-4UnionUnion19 (50% of roster)*Art McDonald (OBS)3NY
Northeast 3August 3-4UrsinusUrsinus14 (29% of roster)Stan Exeter3PA
Northeast 3August 3-4VassarVassar21 (75% of roster)*Blayne Fuke3NY
Northeast 3August 3-4Wash. U.Wash. U18 (64% of roster)Pat Bloom3MO
Northeast 3August 3-4Washington & JeffersonWashington-Jefferson11 (23% of roster)Josh Crummer3PA
Northeast 3August 3-4Washington & LeeWashington-Lee20 (69% of roster)Brandon Cohen3VA
Northeast 3August 3-4WesleyanWesleyan13 (54% of roster)*Nick Greenwood3CT
Northeast 3August 3-4WheatonWheatonMatt Husted3IL
Northeast 3August 3-4WoffordWofford11 (30% of roster)Bobby Dorta1SC
Northeast 3August 3-4WoosterWooster11 (33% of roster)Barry Craddock3OH
Northeast 3August 3-4WoosterWooster11 (33% of roster)Matthew Johnson3OH
Northeast 3August 3-4YaleYale15 (47% of roster)Erik Carlson1CT
Northeast 4August 5-6BabsonBabson12 (41% of roster)Mike Napolitano3MA
Northeast 4August 5-6BardBard16 (70% of roster)*Andy Salvatore3NY
Northeast 4August 5-6Boston CollegeBoston CollegeWill Jauss1MA
Northeast 4August 5-6BowdoinBowdoin15 (71% of roster)**Jason Jensen3ME
Northeast 4August 5-6BrownBrown6 (23% of roster)Holden White1RI
Northeast 4August 5-6CaltechCaltechKevin Whitehead3CA
Northeast 4August 5-6Case WesternCase-Western21 (66% of roster)Steve Gruenberg3OH
Northeast 4August 5-6CatholicCatholic16 (41% of roster)Ross Natoli3DC
Northeast 4August 5-6CatholicCatholic16 (41% of roster)Bobby Picardo3DC
Northeast 4August 5-6ClarksonClarksonCharlie Wright3NY
Northeast 4August 5-6Coast Guardcoast-guard2 (7% of roster)*Brian Casey3CT
Northeast 4August 5-6ColumbiaColumbia13 (30% of roster)Dan Tischler1NY
Northeast 4August 5-6DenisonDenison23 (58% of roster)Ryne Romick3OH
Northeast 4August 5-6DickinsonDickinson21 (51% of roster)Craig Hanson3PA
Northeast 4August 5-6DukeDuke7 (17% of roster)Danny Jung1NC
Northeast 4August 5-6EasternEasternScott Renauro3PA
Northeast 4August 5-6EmoryEmory26 (76% of roster)Sam Carpenter3GA
Northeast 4August 5-6FairfieldDan Cellucci1CT
Northeast 4August 5-6Franklin & MarshallFranklin-Marshall21 (66% of roster)Ryan Horning3PA
Northeast 4August 5-6George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonChris O'Neill1DC
Northeast 4August 5-6GeorgetownGeorgetown17 (45% of roster)Brock Keener1DC
Northeast 4August 5-6Gordon CollegeGordon CollegeTad Skelley3MA
Northeast 4August 5-6GrinnellGrinnell29 (64% of roster)Tim Hollibaugh3IA
Northeast 4August 5-6HaverfordHaverford21 (75% of roster)*Dave Beccaria3PA
Northeast 4August 5-6HobartVin Redmond3NY
Northeast 4August 5-6Illinois TechIllinois-Tech5 (20% of roster)*Ed Zeifert3IL
Northeast 4August 5-6IthacaIthaca3 (9% of roster)*Justin Forster3NY
Northeast 4August 5-6KenyonKenyon27 (73% of roster)Matt Burdette3OH
Northeast 4August 5-6MacalesterMacalester26 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MN
Northeast 4August 5-6MuhlenbergMuhlenberg18 (46% of roster)*Pete Violante3PA
Northeast 4August 5-6NicholsNichols3 (5% of roster)Connor Lewis3MA
Northeast 4August 5-6NortheasternNortheastern8 (21% of roster)Chris Bosco1MA
Northeast 4August 5-6NorthwesternNorthwestern12 (40% of roster)Jimmy Frankos1IL
Northeast 4August 5-6RhodesRhodes29 (59% of roster)Blake Bennett3TN
Northeast 4August 5-6RhodesRhodes29 (59% of roster)Rob Schrier (OBS)3TN
Northeast 4August 5-6Rose-HulmanAdam Rosen3IN
Northeast 4August 5-6RPIRPI21 (51% of roster)Keith Glasser3NY
Northeast 4August 5-6St. Joseph'sSt JosephsLee Saverio1PA
Northeast 4August 5-6St. LawrenceSt. LawrenceKenny Collins3NY
Northeast 4August 5-6St. OlafSt-Olaf10 (30% of roster)*Joel Gotfredson3MN
Northeast 4August 5-6StevensStevens10 (31% of roster)Charles Thielmann3NJ
Northeast 4August 5-6U. ChicagoU-Chicago25 (64% of roster)*Kevin Tyrrell3IL
Northeast 4August 5-6UnionUnion19 (50% of roster)*Paul Mound (OBS)3NY
Northeast 4August 5-6UnionUnion19 (50% of roster)*Art McDonald (OBS)3NY
Northeast 4August 5-6University of TorontoUniversity of TorontoMike DidierON
Northeast 4August 5-6UrsinusUrsinus14 (29% of roster)Stan Exeter3PA
Northeast 4August 5-6VassarVassar21 (75% of roster)*Blayne Fuke3NY
Northeast 4August 5-6Wash. U.Wash. U18 (64% of roster)Pat Bloom3MO
Northeast 4August 5-6Washington & LeeWashington-Lee20 (69% of roster)Brandon Cohen3VA
Northeast 4August 5-6WesleyanWesleyan13 (54% of roster)*Bob Wojick3CT
Northeast 4August 5-6WoffordWofford11 (30% of roster)Bobby Dorta1SC
Northeast 4August 5-6WoosterWooster11 (33% of roster)Barry Craddock3OH
Northeast 4August 5-6WoosterWooster11 (33% of roster)Matthew Johnson3OH
Northeast 4August 5-6YaleYale15 (47% of roster)John Mesagno1CT
Northeast 5August 8-9BabsonBabson12 (41% of roster)Mike Napolitano3MA
Northeast 5August 8-9BardBard16 (70% of roster)*Andy Salvatore3NY
Northeast 5August 8-9BowdoinBowdoin15 (71% of roster)**Jason Jensen3ME
Northeast 5August 8-9BrownBrown6 (23% of roster)Holden White1RI
Northeast 5August 8-9CaltechCaltechKevin Whitehead3CA
Northeast 5August 8-9Case WesternCase-Western21 (66% of roster)Steve Gruenberg3OH
Northeast 5August 8-9CatholicCatholic16 (41% of roster)Bobby Picardo3DC
Northeast 5August 8-9ClarksonClarksonCharlie Wright3NY
Northeast 5August 8-9Coast Guardcoast-guard2 (7% of roster)*Brian Casey3CT
Northeast 5August 8-9ColumbiaColumbia13 (30% of roster)Dan Tischler1NY
Northeast 5August 8-9DenisonDenison23 (58% of roster)Ryne Romick3OH
Northeast 5August 8-9DeSalesDeSales1 (3% of roster)*Gregg Durrah3PA
Northeast 5August 8-9DickinsonDickinson21 (51% of roster)Craig Hanson3PA
Northeast 5August 8-9DukeDuke7 (17% of roster)Danny Jung1NC
Northeast 5August 8-9EasternEasternBrad Clemens3PA
Northeast 5August 8-9EmoryEmory26 (76% of roster)Sam Carpenter3GA
Northeast 5August 8-9Franklin & MarshallFranklin-Marshall21 (66% of roster)Ryan Luke3PA
Northeast 5August 8-9George WashingtonGeorge WashingtonChris O'Neill1DC
Northeast 5August 8-9GeorgetownGeorgetown17 (45% of roster)Brock Keener1DC
Northeast 5August 8-9Gordon CollegeGordon CollegeTad Skelley3MA
Northeast 5August 8-9GrinnellGrinnell29 (64% of roster)Tim Hollibaugh3IA
Northeast 5August 8-9HaverfordHaverford21 (75% of roster)*Dave Beccaria3PA
Northeast 5August 8-9HobartVin Redmond3NY
Northeast 5August 8-9Illinois TechIllinois-Tech5 (20% of roster)*Ed Zeifert3IL
Northeast 5August 8-9KenyonKenyon27 (73% of roster)Matt Burdette3OH
Northeast 5August 8-9MacalesterMacalester26 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MN
Northeast 5August 8-9MuhlenbergMuhlenberg18 (46% of roster)*Pete Violante3PA
Northeast 5August 8-9NicholsNichols3 (5% of roster)Christian Naccari3MA
Northeast 5August 8-9NortheasternNortheastern8 (21% of roster)Chris Bosco1MA
Northeast 5August 8-9NorthwesternNorthwestern12 (40% of roster)Jimmy Frankos1IL
Northeast 5August 8-9RhodesRhodes29 (59% of roster)Blake Bennett3TN
Northeast 5August 8-9RhodesRhodes29 (59% of roster)Rob Schrier (OBS)3TN
Northeast 5August 8-9RPIRPI21 (51% of roster)Keith Glasser3NY
Northeast 5August 8-9St. LawrenceSt. LawrenceKenny Collins3NY
Northeast 5August 8-9St. OlafSt-Olaf10 (30% of roster)*Joel Gotfredson3MN
Northeast 5August 8-9StevensStevens10 (31% of roster)Charles Thielmann3NJ
Northeast 5August 8-9U. ChicagoU-Chicago25 (64% of roster)*Kevin Tyrrell3IL
Northeast 5August 8-9University of TorontoUniversity of TorontoMike DidierON
Northeast 5August 8-9UrsinusUrsinus14 (29% of roster)Stan Exeter3PA
Northeast 5August 8-9UVAUVA5 (13% of roster)Bryce Rosenberg1VA
Northeast 5August 8-9VanderbiltVanderbilt2 (5% of roster)Jabari Brown1TN
Northeast 5August 8-9VassarVassar21 (75% of roster)*Blayne Fuke3NY
Northeast 5August 8-9Wash. U.Wash. U18 (64% of roster)Pat Bloom3MO
Northeast 5August 8-9Washington & LeeWashington-Lee20 (69% of roster)Brandon Cohen3VA
Northeast 5August 8-9WesleyanWesleyan13 (54% of roster)*Mark Woodworth3CT
Northeast 5August 8-9WoosterWooster11 (33% of roster)Barry Craddock3OH
Northeast 5August 8-9WoosterWooster11 (33% of roster)Matthew Johnson3OH
Northeast 5August 8-9YaleYale15 (47% of roster)John Mesagno1CT
*2021 rosters (no 2022 roster posted)
**2020 rosters (no 2021 or 2022 rosters posted)

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