2024 Baseball Confirmed Coaches

SessionDatesSchoolHeadfirst Alumni on 2024 RosterCoachDivisionStateLocation
Northeast 1July 29-30Arcadia6 (14% of roster)Chuck Thielmann3PANortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30Bard11 (44% of roster)Justin Gomez3NYNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30BowdoinBowdoin13 (43% of roster)Jason Jensen3MENortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30BrownBrown4 (13% of roster)Shane Demers1RINortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30CaltechCaltech9 (41% of roster)Eric Ma3CAWest
Northeast 1July 29-30Case WesternCase-Western14 (45% of roster)Steve Gruenberg3OHMidwest
Northeast 1July 29-30CatholicCatholic9 (32% of roster)Ross Natoli3DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 1July 29-30Choate Andrew DicksonPost-GradCTNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30ChapmanChapman12 (43% of roster)Joe Torres3CAWest
Northeast 1July 29-30Coast GuardCoast-Guard7 (21% of roster)Eric Degre3CTNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30ColumbiaColumbia11 (29% of roster)Canyon Kyle1NYNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30DenisonDenison13 (32% of roster)Ryne Romick3OHMidwest
Northeast 1July 29-30DeSalesDeSales6 (29% of roster)*JJ Paul3PANortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30DickinsonDickinson15 (45% of roster)Dakota Pentz3PANortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30DukeDuke8 (21% of roster)Danny Jung1NCSouth
Northeast 1July 29-30EmoryEmory24 (67% of roster)Sam Carpenter3GASouth
Northeast 1July 29-30Franklin & MarshallFranklin-Marshall17 (50% of roster)Ryan Horning3PANortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30George WashingtonGeorge-Washington8 (23% of roster)TBD1DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 1July 29-30GeorgetownGeorgetown22 (52% of roster)Brock Keener1DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 1July 29-30GettysburgGettysburg10 (20% of roster)Jeremy Hefele3PAMid-Atlantic
Northeast 1July 29-30Gordon CollegeGordon-College4 (11% of roster)Tad Skelley3MANortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30GrinnellGrinnell27 (63% of roster)Tim Hollibaugh 3IAMidwest
Northeast 1July 29-30HaverfordHaverford22 (73% of roster)Dave Beccaria3PANortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30Hobart4 (10 of roster)Vin Redmond3NYNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30Illinois TechIllinois-Tech10 (24% of roster)Ed Zeifert3ILMidwest
Northeast 1July 29-30Ithaca6 (14% of roster)Cooper Belyea3NYNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30KenyonKenyon25 (69% of roster)Matt Burdette3OHMidwest
Northeast 1July 29-30Lebananon Valley College5 (10% of roster)Beth Woerner3PANortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30MacalesterMacalester28 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MNMidwest
Northeast 1July 29-30Manhattan4 (9% of roster)Will Hesslink1NYNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30MuhlenbergMuhlenberg13 (35% of roster)Tod Gross3PANortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30NorthwesternNorthwestern14 (40% of roster)Cody Jefferis1ILMidwest
Northeast 1July 29-30OberlinOberlin16 (47% of roster)Tyler Schuch3OHMidwest
Northeast 1July 29-30RhodesRhodes29 (58% of roster)Mikey Nantze3TNSouth
Northeast 1July 29-30RPIRPI16 (48% of roster)Jason Falcon3NYNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30Scranton4 (8% of roster)Max Felsenstein3NYNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30Skidmore 9 (30% of roster)Ron Plourde3NYNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30StevensStevens11 (28% of roster)Brendan Smith3NJNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30Stevenson3 (9% of roster)Matt Righter3MDMid-Atlantic
Northeast 1July 29-30St. Olaf (Observing)St-Olaf11 (26% of roster)Joel Gotfredson3MNMidwest
Northeast 1July 29-30TrinityTrinity13 (42% of roster)Jason Szafarski3CTNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30UnionSal Pezzolla3NYNortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30UrsinusUrsinus11 (26% of roster)Alex Crim3PANortheast
Northeast 1July 29-30VanderbiltVanderbilt2 (5% of roster)Ro Coleman1TNSoutheast
Northeast 1July 29-30VassarVassar19 (54% of roster)Zach Landy
Northeast 1July 29-30WesleyanWesleyan15 (38% of roster)Jack DiLauro3CTNortheast
Northeast 1July 20-30WoffordWofford7 (16% of roster)Fred Reynolds1SCSouth
Northeast 1July 29-30WoosterWooster16 (46% of roster)Matthew Johnson3OHMidwest
Northeast 1July 29-30YaleYale12 (40% of roster)Chris Wojick1CTNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Arcadia6 (14% of roster)Chuck Thielmann3PANortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Bard11 (44% of roster)Justin Gomez3NYNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1BowdoinBowdoin13 (43% of roster)Jason Jensen3MENortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1BrownBrown4 (13% of roster)Shane Demers1RINortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Bryant 2 (4% of roster)Alex Denoyelle (Day 1 Only)1RINortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1CaltechCaltech9 (41% of roster)Eric Ma3CAWest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Case WesternCase-Western14 (45% of roster)Steve Gruenberg3OHMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1CatholicCatholic9 (32% of roster)Ross Natoli3DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 2July 31-August 1ChapmanChapman12 (43% of roster)Joe Torres3CAWest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Choate Andrew DicksonPost-GradCTNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Coast GuardCoast-Guard7 (21% of roster)Eric Degre3CTNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1ColumbiaColumbia11 (29% of roster)Canyon Kyle1NYNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1DenisonDenison13 (32% of roster)Ryne Romick3OHMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1DeSalesDeSales6 (29% of roster)*JJ Paul3PANortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1DickinsonDickinson15 (45% of roster)Dakota Pentz3PANortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1DukeDuke8 (21% of roster)Danny Jung1NCSouth
Northeast 2July 31-August 1EmoryEmory24 (67% of roster)Sam Carpenter3GASouth
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Franklin & MarshallFranklin-Marshall17 (50% of roster)Ryan Horning3PANortheast
Northeast 2July 30-August 1George WashingtonGeorge-Washington8 (23% of roster)TBD1DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 2July 30-August 1GeorgetownGeorgetown22 (52% of roster)Brock Keener1DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 2July 31-August 1GettysburgGettysburg10 (20% of roster)Jeremy Hefele3PAMid-Atlantic
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Gordon CollegeGordon-College4 (11% of roster)Tad Skelley3MANortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1DenisonDenison13 (32% of roster)Ryne Romick3OHMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1GrinnellGrinnell27 (63% of roster)Tim Hollibaugh 3IAMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1HaverfordHaverford22 (73% of roster)Dave Beccaria3PANortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Hobart4 (10 of roster)Vin Redmond3NYNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Illinois TechIllinois-Tech10 (24% of roster)Ed Zeifert3ILMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Ithaca6 (14% of roster)Ben Landis3NYNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1KenyonKenyon25 (69% of roster)Matt Burdette3OHMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Lebananon Valley College5 (10% of roster)Beth Woerner3PANortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1MacalesterMacalester28 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MNMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Manhattan4 (9% of roster)Will Hesslink1NYNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1MuhlenbergMuhlenberg13 (35% of roster)Tod Gross3PANortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1NorthwesternNorthwestern14 (40% of roster)Cody Jefferis1ILMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1OberlinOberlin16 (47% of roster)Tyler Schuch3OHMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1RhodesRhodes29 (58% of roster)Mikey Nantze3TNSouth
Northeast 2July 31-August 1RPIRPI16 (48% of roster)Jason Falcon3NYNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Scranton4 (8% of roster)Max Felsenstein3NYNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Skidmore 9 (30% of roster)Ron Plourde3NYNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1StevensStevens11 (28% of roster)Brendan Smith3NJNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1Stevenson3 (9% of roster)Matt Righter3MDMid-Atlantic
Northeast 2July 31-August 1St. Olaf (Observing)St-Olaf11 (26% of roster)Joel Gotfredson3MNMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1TrinityTrinity13 (42% of roster)Jason Szafarski3CTNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1UnionSal Pezzolla3NYNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1UrsinusUrsinus11 (26% of roster)Alex Crim3PANortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1VanderbiltVanderbilt2 (5% of roster)Ro Coleman1TNSoutheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1VassarVassar19 (54% of roster)Zach Landy
Northeast 2July 31-August 1WesleyanWesleyan15 (38% of roster)Jack DiLauro3CTNortheast
Northeast 2July 31-August 1WoffordWofford7 (16% of roster)Fred Reynolds1SCSouth
Northeast 2July 31-August 1WoosterWooster16 (46% of roster)Matthew Johnson3OHMidwest
Northeast 2July 31-August 1YaleYale12 (40% of roster)Chris Wojick1CTNortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3Arcadia6 (14% of roster)Chuck Thielmann3PANortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3Bard11 (44% of roster)Andy Salvatore3NYNortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3BowdoinBowdoin13 (43% of roster)Jason Jensen3MENortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3BrownBrown4 (13% of roster)Holden White1RINortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3Bryant 2 (4% of roster)Alex Denoyelle 1RINortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3CaltechCaltech9 (41% of roster)Eric Ma3CAWest
Northeast 3August 2-3Case WesternCase-Western14 (45% of roster)Steve Gruenberg3OHMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3CatholicCatholic9 (32% of roster)Ross Natoli3DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 3August 2-3ChapmanChapman12 (43% of roster)Joe Torres3CAWest
Northeast 3August 2-3ColumbiaColumbia11 (29% of roster)Dave Vandercook1NYNortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3DenisonDenison13 (32% of roster)Ryne Romick3OHMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3DeSalesDeSales6 (29% of roster)*JJ Paul3PANortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3DickinsonDickinson15 (45% of roster)Dakota Pentz3PANortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3DukeDuke8 (21% of roster)Danny Jung1NCSouth
Northeast 3August 2-3EmoryEmory24 (67% of roster)Mike Twardoski3GASouth
Northeast 3August 2-3Franklin & MarshallFranklin-Marshall17 (50% of roster)Matt Riebesell3PANortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3George WashingtonGeorge-Washington8 (23% of roster)TBD1DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 3August 2-3GeorgetownGeorgetown22 (52% of roster)Brock Keener1DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 3August 2-3GettysburgGettysburg10 (20% of roster)Jeremy Hefele3PAMid-Atlantic
Northeast 3August 2-3Gordon CollegeGordon-College4 (11% of roster)Tad Skelley3MANortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3
GrinnellGrinnell27 (63% of roster)Tim Hollibaugh3IAMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3HaverfordHaverford22 (73% of roster)Dave Beccaria
Northeast 3August 2-3Hobart4 (10 of roster)Vin Redmond3NYNortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3Illinois TechIllinois-Tech10 (24% of roster)Ed Zeifert3ILMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3KenyonKenyon25 (69% of roster)Matt Burdette3OHMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3Lebananon Valley College5 (10% of roster)Beth Woerner3PANortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3MacalesterMacalester28 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MNMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3Manhattan4 (9% of roster)Will Hesslink1NYNortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3MuhlenbergMuhlenberg13 (35% of roster)Tod Gross3PANortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3NorthwesternNorthwestern14 (40% of roster)Cody Jefferis1ILMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3OberlinOberlin16 (47% of roster)Tyler Schuch3OHMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3RichmondRichmond6 (16% of roster)Mik Aoki1VAMid-Atlantic
Northeast 3August 2-3RhodesRhodes29 (58% of roster)Mikey Nantze3TNSouth
Northeast 3August 2-3Rose-Hulman6 (16% of roster)Adam Rosen3INMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3RPIRPI16 (48% of roster)Jason Falcon3NYNortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3Scranton4 (8% of roster)Max Felsenstein3NYNortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3StevensStevens11 (28% of roster)Brendan Smith3NJNortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3Stevenson3 (9% of roster)Matt Righter3MDMid-Atlantic
Northeast 3August 2-3St. Olaf (Observing)St-Olaf11 (26% of roster)Joel Gotfredson3MNMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3TrinityTrinity13 (42% of roster)Jason Szafarski3CTNortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3UVAUVA4 (10% of roster)Kraigen Rasalla1VAMid-Atlantic
Northeast 3August 2-3VanderbiltVanderbilt2 (5% of roster)Zachary Monash1TNSoutheast
Northeast 3August 2-3WesleyanWesleyan15 (38% of roster)Jack DiLauro3CTNortheast
Northeast 3August 2-3WoffordWofford7 (16% of roster)Fred Reynolds1SCSouth
Northeast 3August 2-3WoosterWooster16 (46% of roster)Matthew Johnson3OHMidwest
Northeast 3August 2-3YaleYale12 (40% of roster)Corey Keane1CTNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6Arcadia6 (14% of roster)Chuck Thielmann3PANortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6Bard11 (44% of roster)Andy Salvatore3NYNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6BowdoinBowdoin13 (43% of roster)Jason Jensen3MENortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6BrownBrown4 (13% of roster)Holden White1RINortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6Bryant 2 (4% of roster)Alex Denoyelle 1RINortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6CaltechCaltech9 (41% of roster)Eric Ma3CAWest
Northeast 4August 5-6Case WesternCase-Western14 (45% of roster)Steve Gruenberg3OHMidwest
Northeast 4August 5-6CatholicCatholic9 (32% of roster)Bobby Picardo3DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 4August 5-6ChapmanChapman12 (43% of roster)Joe Torres3CAWest
Northeast 4August 5-6Coast GuardCoast-Guard7 (21% of roster)Brian Casey3CTNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6ColumbiaColumbia11 (29% of roster)Tom Carty1NYNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6DenisonDenison13 (32% of roster)Ryne Romick3OHMidwest
Northeast 4August 5-6DeSalesDeSales6 (29% of roster)*JJ Paul3PANortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6DickinsonDickinson15 (45% of roster)Dakota Pentz3PANortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6DukeDuke8 (21% of roster)Danny Jung1NCSouth
Northeast 4August 5-6
EmoryEmory24 (67% of roster)Mike Twardoski3GASouth
Northeast 4August 5-6Franklin & MarshallFranklin-Marshall17 (50% of roster)Matt Riebesell3PANortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6George WashingtonGeorge-Washington8 (23% of roster)TBD1DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 4August 5-6GeorgetownGeorgetown22 (52% of roster)Edwin Thompson1DCMid-Atlantic
Northeast 4August 5-6GettysburgGettysburg10 (20% of roster)Jeremy Hefele (Day 1 Only)3PAMid-Atlantic
Northeast 4August 5-6Gordon CollegeGordon-College4 (11% of roster)Tad Skelley3MANortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6GrinnellGrinnell27 (63% of roster)Tim Hollibaugh3IAMidwest
Northeast 4August 5-6HaverfordHaverford22 (73% of roster)Dave Beccaria
Northeast 4August 5-6Hobart4 (10 of roster)Vin Redmond3NYNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6Illinois TechIllinois-Tech10 (24% of roster)Ed Zeifert3ILMidwest
Northeast 4August 5-6KenyonKenyon25 (69% of roster)Matt Burdette3OHMidwest
Northeast 4August 5-6Lebananon Valley College5 (10% of roster)Beth Woerner3PANortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6MacalesterMacalester28 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MNMidwest
Northeast 4August 5-6Manhattan4 (9% of roster)Will Hesslink1NYNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6MuhlenbergMuhlenberg13 (35% of roster)Tod Gross3PANortheast
Northeast 4
August 5-6OberlinOberlin16 (47% of roster)Tyler Schuch3OHMidwest
Northeast 4August 5-6RhodesRhodes29 (58% of roster)Mikey Nantze3TNSouth
Northeast 4August 5-6RichmondRichmond6 (16% of roster)Nate Mulberg1VAMid-Atlantic
Northeast 4August 5-6RPIRPI16 (48% of roster)Jason Falcon3NYNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6Salve Regina3 (6% of roster)Tony Deshler3RINortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6Scranton4 (8% of roster)Max Felsenstein3NYNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6StevensStevens11 (28% of roster)Brendan Smith3NJNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6Stevenson3 (9% of roster)Matt Righter3MDMid-Atlantic
Northeast 4August 5-6St. Joseph's 2 (5% of roster)Lee Saverio1PANortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6St. Olaf (Observing)St-Olaf11 (26% of roster)Joel Gotfredson3MNMidwest
Northeast 4August 5-6TrinityTrinity13 (42% of roster)Jason Szafarski3CTNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6UnionSal Pezzolla3NYNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6UrsinusUrsinus11 (26% of roster)Kyle Lindsay3PANortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6UVAUVA4 (10% of roster)Kraigen Rasalla1VAMid-Atlantic
Northeast 4August 5-6VanderbiltVanderbilt2 (5% of roster)Zachary Monash1TNSoutheast
Northeast 4August 5-6WesleyanWesleyan15 (38% of roster)Jack DiLauro3CTNortheast
Northeast 4August 5-6WoffordWofford7 (16% of roster)Fred Reynolds1SCSouth
Northeast 4August 5-6WoosterWooster16 (46% of roster)Matthew Johnson3OHMidwest
Northeast 4August 5-6YaleYale12 (40% of roster)Brian Hamm1CTNortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2Bard11 (44% of roster)Justin Gomez3NYNortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2BowdoinBowdoin13 (43% of roster)Jason Jensen3MENortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2BrownBrown4 (13% of roster)Shane Demers1RINortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2CaltechCaltech9 (41% of roster)Kevin Whitehead3CAWest
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2Case WesternCase-Western14 (45% of roster)Steve Gruenberg3OHMidwest
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2CatholicCatholic9 (32% of roster)Bobby Picardo, Ross Natoli3DCMid-Atlantic
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2ChapmanChapman12 (43% of roster)Eric Deovlet3CAWest
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2Coast GuardCoast-Guard7 (21% of roster)Brian Casey3CTNortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2ColumbiaColumbia11 (29% of roster)Dave Vandercook1NYNortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2DeSalesDeSales6 (29% of roster)*JJ Paul3PANortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2DickinsonDickinson15 (45% of roster)Craig Hanson3PANortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2DukeDuke8 (21% of roster)Danny Jung1NCSouth
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2
EmoryEmory24 (67% of roster)Sam Carpenter3GASouth
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2Franklin & MarshallFranklin-Marshall17 (50% of roster)Matt Riebesell3PANortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2George WashingtonGeorge-Washington8 (23% of roster)Tyler Kavanaugh (Day 1 Only)1DCMid-Atlantic
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2
GeorgetownGeorgetown22 (52% of roster)Edwin Thompson1DCMid-Atlantic
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2GettysburgGettysburg10 (20% of roster)Jeremy Hefele3PAMid-Atlantic
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2Gordon CollegeGordon-College4 (11% of roster)Kyle Bouchard3MANortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2GrinnellGrinnell27 (63% of roster)Sean Pfeiffer3IAMidwest
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2HaverfordHaverford22 (73% of roster)Dave Beccaria3PANortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2Illinois TechIllinois-Tech10 (24% of roster)Ed Zeifert3ILMidwest
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2KenyonKenyon25 (69% of roster)Ronnie Krsolovic3OHMidwest
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2Lebananon Valley College5 (10% of roster)Beth Woerner3PANortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2MacalesterMacalester28 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MNMidwest
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2Manhattan4 (9% of roster)Will Hesslink1NYNortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2MuhlenbergMuhlenberg13 (35% of roster)Pete Violante3PANortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2NorthwesternNorthwestern14 (40% of roster)Cody Jefferis1ILMidwest
Mid-Atlantic 1
July 1-2OberlinOberlin16 (47% of roster)Johnathan Ray3OHMidwest
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2RichmondRichmond6 (16% of roster)Eric Hill1VAMid-Atlantic
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2RPIRPI16 (48% of roster)Jason Falcon3NYNortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2Scranton4 (8% of roster)Max Felsenstein3NYNortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2StevensStevens11 (28% of roster)Brendan Smith3NJNortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2Stevenson3 (9% of roster)Breton LaRose3MDMid-Atlantic
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2St. Joseph's 2 (5% of roster)Lee Saverio1PANortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2St. Olaf (Observing)St-Olaf11 (26% of roster)Joel Gotfredson3MNMidwest
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2TrinityTrinity13 (42% of roster)Jason Szafarski3CTNortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2UnionSal Pezzolla3NYNortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2UVAUVA4 (10% of roster)Kraigen Rasalla1VAMid-Atlantic
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2UrsiniusUrsinus11 (26% of roster)Alex Crim3PANortheast
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2WoffordWofford7 (16% of roster)Fred Reynolds1SCSouth
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2WoosterWooster16 (46% of roster)Matthew Johnson3OHMidwest
Mid-Atlantic 1July 1-2YaleYale12 (40% of roster)Brian Hamm
West 1June 18-19Bard11 (44% of roster)Andy Salvatore3NYNortheast
West 1June 18-19Beloit6 (14% of roster)Mike Gulve3WIMidwest
West 1June 18-19BrownBrown4 (13% of roster)Grant Achilles1RINortheast
West 1June 18-19CaltechCaltech9 (41% of roster)Eric Ma3CAWest
West 1June 18-19Case WesternCase-Western14 (45% of roster)Matt Englander3OHMidwest
West 1June 18-19CatholicCatholic9 (32% of roster)Bobby Picardo3DCMid-Atlantic
West 1June 18-19ChapmanChapman12 (43% of roster)Joe Torres3CAWest
West 1June 18-19ColumbiaColumbia11 (29% of roster)Canyon Kyle1NYNortheast
West 1June 18-19DukeDuke8 (21% of roster)Eric Tyler1NCSouth
West 1June 18-19Embry-RiddleEmbry-Riddle3 (5% of roster)Kenton SchroterNAIAAZWest
West 1June 18-19EmoryEmory24 (67% of roster)Bobby Perez3GASouth
West 1June 18-19GeorgetownGeorgetown22 (52% of roster)George Capen1DCMid-Atlantic
West 1June 18-19Gordon CollegeGordon College4 (11% of roster)Tad Skelley3MANortheast
West 1June 18-19GrinnellGrinnell27 (63% of roster)Sean Pfieffer3IAMidwest
West 1June 18-19HaverfordHaverford22 (73% of roster)Dave Beccaria3PANortheast
West 1June 18-19Illinois TechIllinois-Tech10 (24% of roster)Ed Zeifert3ILMidwest
West 1June 18-19KenyonKenyon25 (69% of roster)Matt Burdette3OHMidwest
West 1June 18-19LawrenceChase Kersten (Observing)3WIMidwest
West 1June 18-19Lewis & Clark11 (34% of roster)Rob Vance3ORNorthwest
West 1June 18-19MacalesterMacalester28 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MNMidwest
West 1June 18-19Manhattan4 (9% of roster)Will Hesslink1NYNortheast
West 1June 18-19MuhlenbergMuhlenberg13 (35% of roster)Tod Gross3PANortheast
West 1June 18-19NorthwesternNorthwestern14 (40% of roster)Cody Jefferis1ILMidwest
West 1June 18-19OberlinOberlin16 (47% of roster)Tyler Schuch3OHMidwest
West 1June 18-19Rhodes29 (58% of roster)Mikey Nantze3TNSoutheast
West 1June 18-19RPI RPI16 (48% of roster)Jason Falcon3NYNortheast
West 1June 18-19StanfordStanford4 (12% of roster)Ryan Kirby1CAWest
West 1June 18-19St. Olaf (Observing)St-Olaf11 (26% of roster)Joel Gotfredson3MNMidwest
West 1June 18-19StevensStevens11 (28% of roster)Ross Bartziokas3NJNortheast
West 1June 18-19TrinityTrinity13 (42% of roster)Jason Szafarski3CTNortheast
West 1June 18-19UC Davis5 (12% of roster)Sky Valenzuela1CAWest
West 1June 18-19VanderbiltVanderbilt2 (5% of roster)Ro Coleman1TNSoutheast
West 1June 18-19VassarVassar19 (54% of roster)Blayne Fuke3NYNortheast
West 1June 18-19Whitman13 (37% of roster)Colby Watilo3WANorthwest
West 1June 18-19 Willamette 7 (20% of roster)Andrew Shebloski3ORWest
West 1June 18-19YaleYale12 (40% of roster)Ben Somorjai1CTNortheast
West 2June 20-21Bard11 (44% of roster)Andy Salvatore3NYNortheast
West 2June 20-21Beloit6 (14% of roster)Mike Gulve3WIMidwest
West 2
June 20-21BrownBrown4 (13% of roster)Grant Achilles1RINortheast
West 2June 20-21CaltechCaltech9 (41% of roster)Eric Ma3CAWest
West 2June 20-21Case WesternCase-Western14 (45% of roster)Matt Englander3OHMidwest
West 2June 20-21CatholicCatholic9 (32% of roster)Bobby Picardo3DCMid-Atlantic
West 2June 20-21ChapmanChapman12 (43% of roster)Joe Torres3CAWest
West 2June 20-21ColumbiaColumbia11 (29% of roster)Canyon Kyle1NYNortheast
West 2June 20-21DukeDuke8 (21% of roster)Eric Tyler1NCSouth
West 2June 20-21Embry-RiddleEmbry-Riddle3 (5% of roster)Kenton SchroterNAIAAZWest
West 2June 20-21George Fox5 (10% of roster)Brandon Rupp3ORWest
West 2June 20-21EmoryEmory24 (67% of roster)Bobby Perez3GASouth
West 2June 20-21GeorgetownGeorgetown22 (52% of roster)George Capen1DCMid-Atlantic
West 2June 20-21GrinnellGrinnell27 (63% of roster)Sean Pfieffer3IAMidwest
West 2June 20-21Gordon CollegeGordon College4 (11% of roster)Tad Skelley3MANortheast
West 2June 20-21HaverfordHaverford22 (73% of roster)Dave Beccaria3PANortheast
West 2
June 20-21Illinois TechIllinois-Tech10 (24% of roster)Ed Zeifert (Day 1 Only)3ILMidwest
West 2June 20-21KenyonKenyon25 (69% of roster)Matt Burdette3OHMidwest
West 2June 20-21LawrenceChase Kersten (Observing)3WIMidwest
West 2June 20-21Lewis & Clark11 (34% of roster)Rob Vance3ORNorthwest
West 2June 20-21MacalesterMacalester28 (68% of roster)Matt Parrington3MNMidwest
West 2June 20-21Manhattan4 (9% of roster)Will Hesslink1NYNortheast
West 2June 20-21MuhlenbergMuhlenberg13 (35% of roster)Tod Gross3PANortheast
West 2June 20-21OberlinOberlin16 (47% of roster)Tyler Schuch3OHMidwest
West 2June 20-21Rhodes29 (58% of roster)Mikey Nantze3TNSoutheast
West 2June 20-21RPI RPI16 (48% of roster)Jason Falcon3NYNortheast
West 2June 20-21StanfordStanford4 (12% of roster)Ryan Kirby1CAWest
West 2June 20-21St. Olaf (Observing)St-Olaf11 (26% of roster)Joel Gotfredson3MNMidwest
West 2June 20-21StevensStevens11 (28% of roster)Ross Bartziokas3NJNortheast
West 2June 20-21TrinityTrinity13 (42% of roster)Jason Szafarski3CTNortheast
West 2June 20-21UC Davis5 (12% of roster)Sky Valenzuela1CAWest
West 2June 20-21VanderbiltVanderbilt2 (5% of roster)Zachary Monash1TNSoutheast
West 2June 20-21VassarVassar19 (54% of roster)Blayne Fuke3NYNortheast
West 2June 20-21Whitman13 (37% of roster)Colby Watilo3WANorthwest
West 2June 20-21Willamette 7 (20% of roster)Andrew Shebloski3ORWest
West 2June 20-21YaleYale12 (40% of roster)Ben Somorjai1CTNortheast

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