West Session 1August 11-12, 2020

California baseball showcase camps for high school students

Program Overview

Each Headfirst Honor Roll includes:

  • A “Showcase Morning” which includes offensive and defensive showcase, batting practice and objective measurements and three live games played in front of all college coaches (1 on Day 1, 2 on Day 2).
  • On-field and in-dugout exposure to and instruction from high-academic college coaches in attendance.
  • Insight, guidance and advice from Headfirst Honor Roll team — all of which are either current or former high-academic athletes themselves.
  • At-camp video, including distribution of all Headfirst game action to college coaches in attendance, tagged directly to each student-athlete’s profile.
  • Optional purchase of a custom highlight video through our video partner nextpro to feature your verified game footage from your time at camp to send directly to college coaches.

West Session 1

August 11-12, 2020

Woodland Sports Complex

2001 East Street Woodland, CA 95776

Cost: $995

Confirmed Coaches

West Session 1


The list of coaches below are confirmed to attend Headfirst Honor Roll in 2020 – more schools will be added in the months leading up to camp.

SessionCamp DatesSchoolLogoCoachDivisionStateSchool Location
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12AmherstAmherstMike Odenwaelder3MANortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12BardBardJesse Marsh3NYNortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12BatesBatesTony Deshler3MENortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12BiolaBiolaCJ Baker2CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12BrandeisBrandeisKJ Kozens3MANortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12BrownBrownJonathan Grosse1RINortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12BucknellBucknellChris O'Neill1PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Cal BerkeleyCal-BerkeleyDamon Lessler1CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12CaltechCaltechKevin Whitehead3CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12CarletonCarletonAaron Rushing3MNMidwest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Case WesternCase-WesternMatt Englander3OHMidwest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12CatholicCatholicBobby Picardo3DCMid-Atlantic
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12ChapmanChapmanCameron McMullen3CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Claremont-Mudd-ScrippsClaremont-Mudd-ScrippsNick Wagner3CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12ColbyColbyTad Skelley3MENortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12DavidsonDavidsonRyan Munger1NCSouth
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12DukeDukeChris Gordon1NCSouth
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Embry-RiddleEmbry-RiddleAaron SipleNAIAAZWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12EmoryEmoryBobby Perez3GASouth
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12FordhamFordhamPat Porter1NYNortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12George FoxGeorge-FoxKevin Kopple3ORWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12GrinnellGrinnellTim Hollibaugh3IAMidwest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12HamiltonHamiltonNolan Driscoll3NYNortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12HarvardHarvardKyle Decker1MANortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12HaverfordHaverfordDave Beccaria3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12HendrixHendrixSean McSheffery3ARSouth
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Holy CrossHoly CrossEd Kahovek1MANortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12KenyonKenyonTyler Wood3OHMidwest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12LafayetteLafayetteBen Flanary1PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Lewis & ClarkLewis-ClarkEric del Prado3ORWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12LinfieldLinfieldBrian Valentine3ORWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12MacalesterMacalesterMatt Parrington3MNMidwest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Menlo CollegeMenloNick WhiteNAIACAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12MiddleburyMiddleburyMike Phelps3VTNortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12MuhlenbergMuhlenbergTod Gross3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12NorthwesternNorthwesternTBD1ILMidwest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12NYUNYUChris Bayer3NYNortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12OberlinOberlinBrandon Jossey3OHMidwest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12OccidentalOccidentalJesse Rodgers3CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Pacific UniversityPacific-UKyle Treadway3ORWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Pomona-PitzerPomonaMike Surina3CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Pomona-PitzerPomonaZach Hubbard3CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Puget SoundPuget-SoundMarcus Evans3WAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12RhodesRhodesRob Schrier3TNSouth
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12RochesterRochesterJake Shattuck3NYNortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12RPIRPIChris Farish3NYNortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Santa ClaraSanta-ClaraPaul Moeller1CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12St. Mary'sSt-MarysDylan Tashjian1CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12St. OlafSt-OlafJoel Gotfredson3MNMidwest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12StanfordStanfordTommy Nicholson1CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12StevensStevensCharles Thielmann3NJNortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Trinity (CT)Trinity-CTJason Szafarski3CTNortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12TuftsTuftsBarry Rosen3MANortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12U. ChicagoU-ChicagoJohn Fitzgerald3ILMidwest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12UC San DiegoUC-San-DiegoMike Ramazzotti1CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12UrsinusUrsinusStan Exeter3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12VassarVassarBlayne Fuke3NYNortheast
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Wash. U.Wash. UPat Bloom3MOMidwest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Washington & LeeWashington-LeeBrandon Cohen3VAMid-Atlantic
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Washington & LeeWashington-LeeTed White3VAMid-Atlantic
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12Whitman CollegeWhitmanNolan Parks3WAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12WhittierWhittierBrian Day3CAWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12WillametteWilliametteMikey Nantze3ORWest
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12WoffordWoffordJ.J. Edwards1SCSouth
WEST 1AUGUST 11-12YaleYaleAndrew Dickson1CTNortheast