West Session 1June 22-23, 2021

top showcase for high school softball players

Program Overview

Each Headfirst Honor Roll includes:

  • A “Showcase Morning” which includes offensive and defensive showcase, batting practice and objective measurements and three live games played in front of all college coaches (1 on Day 1, 2 on Day 2).
  • On-field and in-dugout exposure to and instruction from college coaches in attendance.
  • Dedicated player/coach “meet-and-greet” programming on both days.
  • Insight, guidance and advice from Headfirst Honor Roll team — all of which are either current or former college athletes themselves.
  • The option to purchase at-camp video of the defensive and offensive showcases plus all live gameplay from our partner, Realplay.

West Session 1

June 22-23, 2021

Best of the West Softball Complex

2723 W Rancho Vista Blvd Palmdale, CA 93551

Cost: $750

Confirmed Coaches

West Session 1


The list of coaches below have committed to attend this event in 2021 – we will be adding to the coach list below as coaches confirm their attendance in the coming months.

SessionDateSchoolCoachHeadfirst Alumni on RosterDivisionStateLocation
West 1June 11-12AmherstAmherstDiann Ramsey6 (40% of roster)3MANortheast
West 1June 11-12BatesBatesKat Mckay9 (53% of roster)3MENortheast
West 1June 11-12BowdoinBowdoinRyan Sullivan8 (53% of roster)3MENortheast
West 1June 11-12BrandeisBrandeisDani Bishop8 (44% of roster)3MANortheast
West 1June 11-12Cal LutheranJohn Barry3CAWest
West 1June 11-12CarletonCarletonAmy Erickson10 (53% of roster)3MNMidwest
West 1June 11-12Carnegie MellonCarnegie MellonJim Schurr9 (50% of roster)3PAMid-Atlantic
West 1June 11-12Case WesternCase-WesternGiselle Bahena9 (41% of roster)3OHMidwest
West 1June 11-12CatholicCatholicSophia Maccarone 5 (25% of roster)3DCMid-Atlantic
West 1June 11-12Colorado School of MinesBarb Duran2COWest
West 1June 11-12CMSClaremontKrista Jensen18 (82% of roster)3CAWest
West 1June 11-12DartmouthDartmouthSydney Benz + Ashley Weingartz8 (47% of roster)1NHNortheast
West 1June 11-12DenisonDenisonAdriene Henery7 (39% of roster)3OHMidwest
West 1June 11-12EmmanuelBrenna Morrissey3MANortheast
West 1June 11-12EmoryEmoryIndia Chiles4 (36% of roster)3GASouth
West 1June 11-12Franklin & MarshallFranklin & MarshallTBD6 (25% of roster)3PAMid-Atlantic
West 1June 11-12GeorgetownGeorgetownPat Conlan13 (65% of roster)1DCMid-Atlantic
West 1June 11-12GettysburgGettysburgBrooke Kalman4 (14% of roster)3PAMid-Atlantic
West 1June 11-12GrinnellGrinnellDalton Meredith5 (28% of roster)3IAMidwest
West 1June 11-12HamiltonHamiltonKirstin Mapes5 (29% of roster)3NYNortheast
West 1June 11-12HarvardHarvardMyka Sutherlin8 (31% of roster)1MANortheast
West 1June 11-12HaverfordHaverfordKate Gatti9 (47% of roster)3PAMid-Atlantic
West 1June 11-12KenyonKenyonEmily Miller10 (67% of roster)3
West 1June 11-12MacalesterMacalesterJody Gabriel9 (43% of roster)3MNMidwest
West 1June 11-12MiddleburyMiddleburyRaeanna Dunn9 (53% of roster)3VTNortheast
West 1June 11-12MuhlenbergMuhlenbergSarah Leavenworth5 (23% of roster)3PAMid-Atlantic
West 1June 11-12OberlinOberlinJulie Pratt12 (80% of roster)3OHMidwest
West 1June 11-12Pomona-PitzerPomonaJulie Smith12 (60% of roster)3CAWest
West 1June 11-12PrincetonPrincetonAlyssa Davis4 (24% of roster)1NJNortheast
West 1June 11-12RhodesRhodesRT Cantillo9 (43% of roster)3TNSouth
West 1June 11-12RITRebecca Stryker (Observing)3NYNortheast
West 1June 11-12RochesterRochesterCass Herman12 (57% of roster)3NYNortheast
West 1June 11-12Sarah LawrenceKaleigh Roop3NYNortheast
West 1June 11-12SkidmoreSkidmoreLiz Neubinski7 (44% of roster)3NYNortheast
West 1June 11-12SmithSmithEmily Lopez6 (29% of roster)3MANortheast
West 1June 11-12SwarthmoreSwarthmoreMelissa Finley4 (24% of roster)3PAMid-Atlantic
West 1June 11-12TuftsTuftsLauren Ebstein11 (69% of roster)3MANortheast
West 1June 11-12UPennPennKristin Hallam7 (32% of roster)1PANortheast
West 1June 11-12UPittLacy Schurr1PANortheast
West 1June 11-12UnionMichelle Connors2 (10% of roster)3NYNortheast
West 1June 11-12UrsinusTaylor Gardner6 (29% of roster)3PANortheast
West 1June 11-12Wash U.Wash. U. in St. LouisMelissa Gentile11 (48% of roster)3MOMidwest
West 1June 11-12WentworthWentworthErica Castro2 (11% of roster)3MANortheast
West 1June 11-12WesleyanKaty Hurley6 (36% of roster)3CTNortheast
West 1June 11-12WhittierWhittierMegan Heal1 (5% of roster)3CAWest
West 1June 11-12WilliamsWilliamsEmma Kindblom10 (19% of roster)3MANortheast