Northeast Session 1August 3-4, 2021

softball showcase camps for academic high school prospects

Program Overview

Each Headfirst Honor Roll includes:

  • A “Showcase Morning” which includes offensive and defensive showcase, batting practice and objective measurements and three live games played in front of all college coaches (1 on Day 1, 2 on Day 2).
  • On-field and in-dugout exposure to and instruction from high-academic college coaches in attendance.
  • Insight, guidance and advice from Headfirst Honor Roll team — all of which are either current or former high-academic athletes themselves.
  • At-camp video, including distribution of all Headfirst game action to college coaches in attendance, tagged directly to each student-athlete’s profile.
  • Optional purchase of a custom highlight video through our video partner nextpro to feature your verified game footage from your time at camp to send directly to college coaches.

Northeast Session 1

August 3-4, 2021

Baseball Heaven

350 County Road 101 Yaphank, NY 11980

Cost: $750

Expected Coach List

Northeast Session 1


The list of coaches below have committed to attend this event in 2021 – we will be adding to the coach list below as coaches confirm their attendance in the coming months.

SessionCamp DatesSchoolLogoCoachDivisionStateSchool Location
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Julie BolducJulie Bolduc3Amherst, MANortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4ArmyArmyCheryl Milligan1NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4McKell BarnesMcKell Barnes3Lewiston, MENortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4BinghamtonBinghamtonSydney O'Hara1NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Jennifer BurtonJennifer Burton3Brunswick, MENortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4CarletonCarletonAmy Erickson3MNMidwest
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Carnegie MellonCarnegie-MellonMonica Harrison3PAMid-Atlantic
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Terren AllenTerren Allen3Waterville, MENortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4ColumbiaColumbiaJen Teague1NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4DenisonDenisonTiffany Ozbun3OHMidwest
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4FairfieldFairfieldLaine Simmons1CTNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4FordhamFordhamKatie McEachern1NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Franklin & MarshallFranklin-MarshallBrad Brubaker3PAMid-Atlantic
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4FurmanFurmanAaron Vail1SCSouth
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4GeorgetownGeorgetownPat Conlan1DCMid-Atlantic
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4GettysburgGettysburgAnnette Hunt-Shepherd3PAMid-Atlantic
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4GrinnellGrinnellLynn Anderson3IAMidwest
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Emily SeidelEmily Seidel3Clinton, NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4HarvardHarvardTBD1MANortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4HaverfordHaverfordKate Poppe3PAMid-Atlantic
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4HendrixHendrixdSean McSheffery3ARSouth
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4HofstraHofstraJulie Meyer1NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Holy CrossHoly CrossJen Lapicki1MANortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4KenyonKenyonErin O’Neill3OHMidwest
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4LafayetteLafayetteAshley Gerhart1PAMid-Atlantic
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4MacalesterMacalesterJody Gabriel3MNMidwest
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4MaristMorgan Earling1NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Kelly BevereKelly Bevere3Middlebury, VTNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4MITMITBrooke Kalman3MANortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4MuhlenbergMuhlenbergSarah Leavenworth3PAMid-Atlantic
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4NYUNYUNow-Allah James3NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4OberlinOberlinSara Schoenhoft3OHMidwest
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Pomona-PitzerPomonaTBD3CAWest
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4PrincetonPrincetonAlyssa Davis1NJNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Rhode IslandMary Holt1RINortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4RhodesRhodesLuke Wagner3TNSouth
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4RochesterRochesterMargaret Yerdon-Grange3NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4SmithSmithEmily Lopez3MANortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4St. John'sSt-JohnsAlyssa Tiumalu1NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4StanfordStanfordBranden Enstrom1CAWest
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Stony BrookStony-BrookBenet Higgs1NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4SUNY FredoniaSUNY-FredoniaTony Ciccarello3NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4SUNY PurchaseMark Sergio3NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4SwarthmoreSwarthmoreMelissa Finley3PAMid-Atlantic
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4SyracuseSyracuseMichael Steuerwald1NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Brittany SarneseBrittany Sarnese3Hartford, CTNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Marly BeckerMarly Becker3Medford, MANortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4UnionUnionMichelle Connors3NYNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4UrsinusUrsinusSamantha Campo3PAMid-Atlantic
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Wash U.Wash. URoya St. Clair3MOMidwest
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4WentworthWentworthErica Castro3MANortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Jen LaneJen Lane3Middletown, CTNortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4Mackenzie KeyesMackenzie Keyes3Williamstown, MANortheast
NORTHEAST 1AUGUST 3-4YaleYaleLaura Ricciardone1CTNortheast