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Program Overview

To continue to deliver recruiting results to high-academic student-athletes while accommodating recent developments from the NCAA and local and state jurisdictions, we are operating showcases with on-site Division 3 and other non-Division 1 coach participation. Our West Showcase PLUS event combines the Division 3 in-person and face-to-face recruiting opportunities of a traditional Honor Roll Camp with the video, data, analytics and direct-to-coach digital distribution to over 200 college programs of the Headfirst Verification Series.

The session includes:

  • On-site exposure to a wide variety of non-Division 1 programs
  • Video of the Defensive Showcase, Offensive Showcase, Showcase Bullpen and ALL LIVE gameplay RECORDED & PERSONALIZED to each player and distributed to our ENTIRE DATABASE of 200+ college coaches
  • Hitters: Data and analytics collected through Blast Motion and Rapsodo during the Offensive Showcase distributed to college coaches
  • Pitchers: Data, analytics and video collected through Rapsodo during your Showcase Bullpen distributed to college coaches

This combination of data, analytics and video of both showcase and live gameplay portions gives our curated coach database of 200+ what they need to recruit you digitally and remotely before having the chance to see you in-person.


West Sessions

August Dates & Location Coming Soon

Confirmed Coaches

West Sessions


Further details – including the list of coaches in attendance – will be confirmed and updated the week of July 6, so please check back for more details at that time. You can also click here to join the mailing list to be the first to know about these updates, or feel free to reach out to our team at showcase@headfirst.com or 202-715-6654.