West Session 2June 26-27, 2018

baseball showcase camps for high school student-athletes

Each Headfirst Honor Roll Camp combines:

  • A “Showcase Morning” which includes offensive and defensive showcase, batting practice and objective measurements and no fewer than three live games played in front of all college coaches (1 on Day 1, 2 on Day 2).
  • On-field and in-dugout exposure to and instruction from high-academic college coaches in attendance.
  • Insight, guidance and advice from Headfirst Honor Roll team — all of which are either current or former high-academic athletes themselves.

West Session 2

June 26-27, 2018

Woodland Sports Complex

Woodland, CA

Cost: $995

Confirmed Coaches

West Session 2

Below represents coaches that attended this event in 2017. This list will be updated in February for 2018 camps.

Session2018 DatesLogoSchoolCoachDivisionStateRegion
West 2June 26-27Air-ForceAir ForceJimmy Roesinger1COWest
West 2June 26-27ArmyArmyTommy Chase1NYNortheast
West 2June 26-27BardBardAndy Salvatore3NYNortheast
West 2June 26-27BatesBatesTony Deshler3MENortheast
West 2June 26-27BrownBrownGrant Achilles1RINortheast
West 2June 26-27BucknellBucknellJason Neitz1PAMid-Atlantic
West 2June 26-27CaltechCaltechMatthew Mark3CAWest
West 2June 26-27CarletonCarletonAaron Rushing3MNMidwest
West 2June 26-27Case-WesternCase WesternMatt Englander3OHMidwest
West 2June 26-27ChapmanChapmanGeoff Fox3CAWest
West 2June 26-27ColbyColbyDale Plummer3MENortheast
West 2June 26-27CornellCornellMatt Ford1NYNortheast
West 2June 26-27DavidsonDavidsonRyan Munger1NCSouth
West 2June 26-27DeanDean CollegeErnie May3MANortheast
West 2June 26-27DenisonDenisonKyle Lindquist3OHMidwest
West 2June 26-27DukeDukePatrick O'Grady1NCSouth
West 2June 26-27EmoryEmoryBobby Perez3GASouth
West 2June 26-27FordhamFordhamPat Pinkman1NYNortheast
West 2June 26-27Franklin-MarshallFranklin & MarshallRyan Luke3PAMid-Atlantic
West 2June 26-27George-FoxGeorge FoxKevin Kopple3ORWest
West 2June 26-27GreenvilleGreenville CollegeDylan DeBrouwer3ILMidwest
West 2June 26-27GrinnellGrinnellSam Tinkham1IAMidwest
West 2June 26-27HamiltonHamiltonGarrett Lamborn3NYNortheast
West 2June 26-27HarvardHarvardBryan Stark1MANortheast
West 2June 26-27HaverfordHaverfordDave Beccaria3PAMid-Atlantic
West 2June 26-27HillsdaleHillsdaleEric Theisen3MIMidwest
West 2June 26-27Holy CrossHoly CrossEd Kahovek1MANortheast
West 2June 26-27Illinois-TechIllinois TechEd Zeifert3ILMidwest
West 2June 26-27KenyonKenyonTyler Wood3OHMidwest
West 2June 26-27LafayetteLafayetteBlake Smith1PAMid-Atlantic
West 2June 26-27MacalesterMacalesterMatt Parrington3MNMidwest
West 2June 26-27MiddleburyMiddleburyMike Leonard3VTNortheast
West 2June 26-27MITMITTodd Carroll3MANortheast
West 2June 26-27MuhlenbergMuhlenbergDave Anderson3PAMid-Atlantic
West 2June 26-27NYUNYUDoug Kimbler3NYNortheast
West 2June 26-27OberlinOberlinBrandon Jossey3OHMidwest
West 2June 26-27OccidentalOccidentalLuke Wetmore3CAWest
West 2June 26-27PacificPacific U.Mike Gange3ORWest
West 2June 26-27PomonaPomona-PitzerPhil Brua & Zach Hubbard3CAWest
West 2June 26-27PrincetonPrincetonMike Russo1NJNortheast
West 2June 26-27Puget-SoundPuget SoundJustin Gabriel3WAWest
West 2June 26-27RhodesRhodesRob Schrier3TNSouth
West 2June 26-27RichmondRichmondNate Mulberg1VAMid-Atlantic
West 2June 26-27RochesterRochesterJoe Reina3NYNortheast
West 2June 26-27RPIRPIKeith Glasser3NYNortheast
West 2June 26-27StevensStevensRob Delaney3NJNortheast
West 2June 26-27SwarthmoreSwarthmoreDan Gusovsky3PAMid-Atlantic
West 2June 26-27TexasTexasTom Sutaris1TXSouth
West 2June 26-27Trinity-CTTrinity (CT)Bryan Adamski3CTNortheast
West 2June 26-27TuftsTuftsConnor McDavitt3MANortheast
West 2June 26-27U ChicagoU. ChicagoJohn Fitzgerald3ILMidwest
West 2June 26-27UC-DavisUC DavisBen Cordy1CAWest
West 2June 26-27UC-San-DiegoUC San DiegoJeff Calhoon2CAWest
West 2June 26-27VassarVassarMatt Righter3NYNortheast
West 2June 26-27Wash. UWash U.Adam Rosen & Pat Bloom3MOMidwest
West 2June 26-27Washington-LeeWashington & LeeTed White3VAMid-Atlantic
West 2June 26-27WhitmanWhitmanBrian Kitamura3WAWest
West 2June 26-27WilliametteWillametteMikey Nantze3ORWest
West 2June 26-27WilliamsWilliamsTanner McIntyre3MANortheast
West 2June 26-27WoffordWoffordJ.J. Edwards1SCSouth
West 2June 26-27WoosterWoosterBarry Craddock3OHMidwest
West 2June 26-27YaleYaleTucker Frawley1CTNortheast