West Session 2June 25-26, 2020

Headfirst’s softball prospect camp in California

Each Headfirst Honor Roll Camp combines:

  • A “Showcase Morning” which includes offensive and defensive showcase, batting practice and objective measurements and three live games played in front of all college coaches (1 on Day 1, 2 on Day 2).
  • On-field and in-dugout exposure to and instruction from high-academic college coaches in attendance.
  • Insight, guidance and advice from Headfirst Honor Roll team — all of which are either current or former high-academic athletes themselves.
  • At-camp video, including distribution of all Headfirst game action to college coaches in attendance, tagged directly to each student-athlete’s profile.
  • Optional purchase of a custom highlight video through our video partner nextpro to feature your verified game footage from your time at camp to send directly to college coaches.

West Session 2

June 25-26, 2020

Chino Hills Community Park

3280 Eucalyptus Avenue Chino Hills, CA 91709

Cost: $750

Confirmed Coaches

West Session 2


The list of coaches below are confirmed to attend Headfirst Honor Roll in 2020 – more schools will be added in the months leading up to camp.

SessionCamp DatesSchoolLogoCoachDivisionStateSchool Location
WEST 2JUNE 25-26AmherstAmherstJulie Bolduc3MANortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26BaruchBaruchJoe Braun3NYNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26BatesBatesMcKell Barnes3MENortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Boston CollegeBoston-CollegeMatt Alberghini1MANortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Boston UniversityBoston-UniversityBrenna Morrissey1MANortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26BowdoinBowdoinJennifer Burton3MENortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26BrownBrownSean Crowell1RINortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26CarletonCarletonAmy Erickson3MNMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Carnegie MellonCarnegie-MellonMonica Harrison3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Case WesternCase-WesternJulie Pratt3OHMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26ChathamChathamDeanna Tritinger3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Claremont-Mudd-ScrippsClaremont-Mudd-ScrippsGina Oaks Garcia3CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26ColbyColbyDorothy O'Donnell3MENortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26ColgateColgateMeghan Romero1NYNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26ColumbiaColumbiaBeth Krysiak1NYNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Concordia University - PortlandConcordia-U-PortlandShelley Whitaker2ORWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26CornellCornellTara Tembey1NYNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26DartmouthDartmouthAmy Meyer1NHNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26DenisonDenisonAlexandra Heinen3OHMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26DePauwDepauwGabrielle Smart3INMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26DrexelDrexelCarl Taylor1PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26DukeDukeJosh Bloomer1NCSouth
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Franklin & MarshallFranklin-MarshallAlex Quigley3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Franklin & MarshallFranklin-MarshallBrad Brubaker3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26FurmanFurmanAaron Vail1SCSouth
WEST 2JUNE 25-26George FoxGeorge-FoxJessica Hollen3ORWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26GeorgetownGeorgetownPat Conlan1DCMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26GettysburgGettysburgAnnette Hunt-Shepherd3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26GrinnellGrinnellLynn Anderson3IAMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26HamiltonHamiltonEmily Seidel3NYNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26HarvardHarvardLacy Wood1MANortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26HaverfordHaverfordKate Poppe3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26KenyonKenyonErin O'Neill3OHMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26La VerneLa-VerneTara Allis3CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26LafayetteLafayetteAshley Gerhart1PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26MacalesterMacalesterJody Gabriel3MNMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26MichiganMichiganMary Beth Dennison1MIMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26MiddleburyMiddleburyKelly Bevere3VTNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26MITMITBrooke Kalman3MANortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26MuhlenbergMuhlenbergSarah Leavenworth3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26NYUNYUNow-Allah James3NYNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26OberlinOberlinSara Schoenhoft3OHMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26OccidentalOccidentalKelliner Croushore3CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Pomona-PitzerPomonaJazmyne Cortinas3CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Pomona-PitzerPomonaJoAnne Ferguson3CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26RedlandsRedlandsChelsea Rex (Day 1 Only)3CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26RedlandsRedlandsJose Ortega (Day 2 Only)3CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26RhodesRhodesLuke Wagner3TNSouth
WEST 2JUNE 25-26RiponRiponSteve Wammer3WIMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Santa ClaraSanta-ClaraGina Carbonatto1CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26SmithSmithEmily Lopez3MANortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26St. OlafSt. OlafKayla Hatting3MNNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26StanfordStanfordBranden Enstrom1CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26SwarthmoreSwarthmoreMelissa Finley3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Trinity (CT)TrinityBrittany Sarnese3CTNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Trinity (TX)TrinityNicole Hennessey3TXSouth
WEST 2JUNE 25-26U. ChicagoU-ChicagoMyra Minuskin3ILMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26U. ChicagoU-ChicagoRuth Kmak3ILMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26University of San DiegoSan-DiegoAmber Schisler1CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26UrsinusUrsinusTaylor Gardner3PAMid-Atlantic
WEST 2JUNE 25-26Wash U.Wash. UMichelle Venturella3MOMidwest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26WellesleyWellesleyAli Maloof3MANortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26WesleyanWesleyanJen Lane3CTNortheast
WEST 2JUNE 25-26WhittierWhittierTrisha Senyo3CAWest
WEST 2JUNE 25-26WilliamsWilliamsMackenzie Keyes3MANortheast