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You will not find another showcase that provides as much exposure and interaction with college coaches as Headfirst. From the moment we arrived, my daughter was made to feel welcomed by the attentive staff. The information sessions presented during the camp about the recruiting process, college athletics and life in general were extremely enlightening and at times very uplifting. I enthusiastically recommend Headfirst to any high school scholar-athlete interested in playing at the collegiate level. Michael P., Father of 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camper
Far and away the best showcase experience my daughter has had. The Headfirst staff was excellent and the interaction with and exposure to the college coaches was awesome. You couldn’t ask for anything more. Edward A. 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camp Dad
The coaches that were invited did in fact attend and stay engaged with the players during the entire camp. This was the best opportunity I’ve seen for coaches to truly evaluate the players, and vice versa, over a focused period of time with an audience that is interested in the schools. The pro-style evaluation and game formats were fantastic. Parent of a 2015 Honor Roll Camper
We thought the camp was fantastic. Having participated in a number of other “recruiting” camps, this was by far the best. The staff was great, the coaches engaged in the process and really anxious to work with the girls. We couldn’t have been happier and will look to participate again in the future. Robert R., Father of a 2015 Honor Roll Camper
This camp provided the opportunity to receive feedback and mentoring directly from college coaches, but provided invaluable insight into what the coaches are looking for in a student athlete. Thank you!Parent of 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camper
Great weekend. Very professionally run and the coach-player ratio probably cannot be beat. Very happy with the interaction of the college coaches with the players. This is an experience my high school daughter will benefit for years to come, in her softball future and beyond. Parent of a 2015 Honor Roll Camper
Our daughter has attended several clinics with participating college coaches. The Headfirst Softball Honor Roll Camp has been the best experience because overall there is a lot of direct contact with coaches, both on the field and off. Patrick C., Father of 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camper
The camp was a terrific experience. It was fun for the girls, well run, informative, and provided a great platform to showcase their ability and interface with a select group of college coaches. James K., Father of 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camper
I think the camp was particularly useful for coaches and high academic players to be in one place at the same time and my daughter said it was the best camp experience ever in terms of being extremely organized. She had a blast. Karen A., 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camp Mother
I loved the intensity and attention span of the college coach staff. From the morning to the night, over 30 coaches were completely engaged in the showcase. I love that we are able to talk to them as we wish and have numerous chances to show them what we can do. 2015 Honor Roll Camper
By far, the best camp we have attended. Professionally run and very organized. Both of my daughters had several college coaches interested in them as a direct result of attending this camp. This occurred as a result of how Headfirst’s camp is set up and run. The college coaches that attended had a great opportunity to see all the athletes perform. Parent of a 2015 Honor Roll Camper
The investment we made in this camp was worth more than any one, five or ten exposure tournaments. This camp went beyond the coaches seeing the girls play. The girls received real one on one coaching and interaction with college coaches. The coaches were 100 percent attentive to the players. The exposure and the instruction is well worth the investment. Patrick B., 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camp Dad
I was impressed with the number and quality of the coaches/colleges attending and how well everything was organized. I was especially appreciative that everything ran exactly on time. My daughter said it was her best ever softball camp experience. Eric L., Father of 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camper
By far, Headfirst was the best softball camp we have been to in regard to recruiting at the college level. The access and on field interaction between players and coaches was superb. Steve S., Father of 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camper
Everything about the camp was extremely organized and well run from the moment of inquiry to the final session of camp. At the event, there was always an easily identifiable staff member available to answer questions and help with any requests. We would highly recommend this camp to prospective college players! Marni C., Mother of 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camper
This camp was not only a showcase opportunity, it was an opportunity to learn and improve my softball skills. For two whole days, I was surrounded by people who lived and breathed college softball. I learned a whole lot! 2015 Honor Roll Camper
I thought the format of the event was outstanding. I learned a lot about the recruiting process and my daughter enjoyed the interaction with the college coaches. Chris D., 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camp Dad
We have attended multiple other showcases, and this was by far the best. All the coaches were great and engaged in the process. Again, it was an incredible camp and pleasurable experience. I have already and will continue to recommend this camp to anyone and everyone.” David F., 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camp Dad
The staff, the coaches, and the players provided great instruction and a great environment. The camp was highly organized, and had great exposure for the players to the coaches in all aspects of the game. The camp provided a loose environment, and the games were efficient and well-run. 2014 Softball Honor Roll Camper
This is by far the best recruiting camp available in the crazy recruiting circus that the softball world has become. The amount of time that the girls were able to spend with coaches during the 2 days was amazing. The games were organized for maximum action on the field, personal time between players and coaches in the dugout and plenty of time in between activities to speak with coaches. Father of a 2015 Honor Roll Camper
I loved camp so much. This camp ran much more efficiently than any other camp I have ever attended or heard of and I camp out of it all-around pleased. The coaches were awesome and involved and the Headfirst staff were available at all times and extremely resourceful. 2015 Honor Roll Camper