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Northeast FAQs


Does Headfirst provide a lunch for the campers?
Headfirst does not provide lunch or any meals for campers. Baseball Heaven’s cafe will be open during all camp hours for players and family members alike. There will not be one dedicated lunch break during the afternoon, but players will have breaks during which they will be able to eat a meal or snack. We will communicate these breaks clearly to the players — and when it makes sense to eat lunch.
Is there a sporting goods store near Baseball Heaven where we can pick-up baseball/sports supplies?
There is a Dick’s Sporting Goods approximately 10 miles (20 minutes) from Baseball Heaven in the Smith Haven Mall (620 Smith Haven Mall / Lake Grove, NY 11755). Smith Haven Mall is west of Baseball Heaven off of I-495.
Headfirst organizes its Honor Roll Camp with the highest level of professionalism. Players have a chance to demonstrate their talent, make personal connections with coaches, learn about the schools they want to attend, and participate in a baseball culture that values skill, effort, attitude, and true knowledge of the game. Headfirst was an exceptional experience. Father of 2012 Northeast Honor Roll Camper
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