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General FAQs

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Do student-athletes ever attend more than one Headfirst Honor Roll Camp?
Yes — absolutely. Many ballplayers join us more than once over the life of their recruiting process. Our camps are designed to provide different layers of value to all players whether they are just starting to explore the prospects of college baseball or near the end of the college recruiting process. As a testament to that, we’ve had hundreds of players join us in consecutive years or twice in once particular season. We firmly believe that Headfirst Honor Roll Camps are the best investment of time and resources that academic ballplayers can make — and replacing dozens of other events with a couple of ours has helped countless student-athletes find a home at the college level.
What time do I need to be at camp on the first day?
Specific instructions on arrival time for Day 1 will be sent via our pre-camp email to enrolled families. Typically, players are asked to check-in between 7:00 and 7:30am — with camp beginning at 7:45am. This schedule may vary from event to event.
What time does camp end each day?
Each ballplayer’s schedule will depend on the team to which he’s assigned, but Day 1 generally concludes between 7:00 and 9:00pm. The same variability applies on Day 2, but in no case shall Day 2 end later than 5:00pm for any ballplayer.
Does Headfirst provide a written evaluation at the conclusion of the camp?
We do not provide a written evaluation or any other evaluation of the campers during our Honor Roll Camp. Our mission is to facilitate interaction between student-athletes and coaches while at camp, as we believe that this is the most meaningful and impactful feedback, coming directly from coaches. These interactions not only let ballplayers know where they are in the recruiting process, but also bring about coach-athlete engagement, creating the opportunity for a deeper connection and holistic recruiting.

The only written evaluations that are done for our use during camp are pitching evaluations. These evaluations are done by a college coach stationed behind home plate on each field during the games. Those evaluations are shared with ALL attending college coaches. They are not circulated to players and families.
Do the college coaches all get to see the pitchers evaluations, 60-yard dash times, and catcher pop-times?
YES. Headfirst provides all pitcher evaluations to the coaches both at camp and, in digital form, following the camp. This information is for the college coaches only (not players and parents). The evaluations done on each field are conducted by the college coaches themselves—not the Headfirst staff. The 60-yard times will be circulated to all coaches. All coaches will generally take and record their own catcher pop-times. {Back to top}
When will each player’s team assignment and games times be announced?
Team assignments and game times will be announced near mid-day on Day 1 on camp announcement banners as well as our mobile website. This information will include team assignments, Day 1 game times and pitching rotations. Game times and pitching assignments for Day 2 will be provided as camp progresses. {Back to top}
When is a good time for our son to talk to a college coach?
One of the unique parts of the way that Headfirst runs our Honor Roll Camps is the interaction that each camper can have with the college coaches at the camp. Many of the college coaches are on the fields coaching and evaluating. Those that are working the camp will do so wearing their uniform and will be accessible to the players. It is important, however, that campers are respectful of the college coaches when they are clearly evaluating and concentrating on their on-field recruiting. The best time for a camper to approach a college coach is in the dugout or around the facility between games. It is far more effective if the players (rather than parents) introduce themselves to a coach if they are potentially interested in their school. Campers should feel free to ask the college coaches questions about their school and program. {Back to top}
Should we (parents) talk to the college coaches?
It is okay for parents to join a conversation with their son and college coach. However, it is important that the camper is the one showing the initiative in the conversation. It is, ultimately, the student-athlete’s college experience and the college coaches are always looking for mature student-athletes who can ask their own questions and speak to a college coach themselves about their interests. {Back to top}
What happens if it rains during camp?
We will do everything we can, including extending the camp hours, to complete all camp activities in the safest manner possible.

In the event that we lose blocks of time during one camp day, some games may have to be shortened. We will do everything in our power to make up for this lost game time by extending the day – or during the following day (if applicable).

Regardless of how rain impacts our schedule, camp will never be extended an extra day.

Regardless of how rain impacts our schedule, there will be no refunds or credits given for missed parts of camp. {Back to top}
What if my son needs his ankle taped of other medical attention?
Headfirst will have an athletic trainer on hand throughout the duration of the camp. This trainer will take care of any emergencies as well as getting campers ice, taping their ankles, etc. The trainer will set-up his base of operations on one side of the area between the 4-field clover, but any Headfirst Coach that is wearing a red jersey can always radio for the trainer as well. {Back to top}
What type of bats are permitted for use at the Headfirst Honor Roll Camps?
Players at the Headfirst Honor Roll Camps may use either BBCOR-certified metal bats or wooden bats. {Back to top}
Comparing Headfirst Honor Roll Camps to other events is like comparing life in the majors to A-Ball. There is Headfirst. And then there is everything else. Mike Barnicle, Journalist & Father of Headfirst Honor Roll Camper, Tim
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