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I was pleasantly overwhelmed by the discretionary effort shown by the staff. Everywhere I looked they were going the extra mile to ensure the ballplayers were having a wonderful experience. The camp staff did not overlook anything and I would say the camp was worth significantly more than what we paid. I would recommend this camp to anyone. Robert D., Father of 2015 Southeast Honor Roll Camper
I was so positively blown away by Headfirst Honor Roll Camps. At the outset, I thought it was expensive, but afterward felt it was a fair price for a great mix of baseball instruction, college coach exposure, recruiting and life advice. This was an influential experience for my son and me. Kim M., Mother of 2015 California Honor Roll Camper
Brilliant program, just brilliant, in it details, planning and execution. Coaches got a chance to watch players; players got a chance to watch coaches and other players, and parents got a chance to watch everyone. Father of Northeast Honor Roll Camp Attendee
Nowhere in the country will you find a better camp than Headfirst. Any young man interested in developing the mental and physical characteristics of a top level ballplayer will benefit enormously from spending time with the Headfirst staff. Josh Byrnes, Vice President of Baseball Operations, Los Angeles Dodgers
I have three sons, all baseball players, and I have seen them devote many hours over many years to practicing and playing in a host of different settings. The single most rewarding experience of them had came at Headfirst Honor Roll Camp on Long Island. The event is extraordinarily well-organized, the contact with the coaches is real, and my son found the experience enjoyable and valuable. Jerry S., Father of Northeast Honor Roll Camper
As an outfielder who attended your camps in Jupiter and Long Island, I want to thank you for creating Headfirst. Amidst all the ambiguity of the baseball recruiting process, Headfirst provided an invigorating clarity. Because of the unique way your program is structured, I had countless opportunities to demonstrate my skills in front of the most competitive schools in the country. After my very first day at the Jupiter program, I received interest from the best national coaches and it did not stop there. During the camps I had the opportunity to engage these coaches in a dialogue which extended throughout my junior and senior years. After the Long Island camp, I was able to follow up with those same coaches and determine which baseball programs I should target and which schools I should visit. Ultimately, I chose to apply Early Decision to Swarthmore and was accepted in December. I could not be more ecstatic about playing college baseball for Coach Exeter at a program like Swarthmore’s. I honestly believe that I would not have ended up where I am now if I had not attended Headfirst. Jack H., HRC Attendee, Swarthmore College, Class of 2016
I’d like to take the opportunity to thank Headfirst for the instrumental role that it played in helping me acquire a spot on the Oberlin College baseball team, especially given my somewhat unique circumstances. Unlike most players who aspire to play college baseball, I did not compete on my high school's team. It was a very turbulent and stressful period of four years for me, but that all changed once I found myself in Long Island this past summer at Headfirst. I found myself personally relating to Brendan Sullivan's story of overcoming adversity and tackling challenges... the message that he relayed to us that day still rings with me every day that I step in the classroom and on the field. It is safe to say that without Headfirst I would not have had the college options that I did. The camp provided a great opportunity for me to see all of my hard work come to fruition. M.M., Class of 2016, Oberlin College
Headfirst was the best baseball decision we ever made! Our son attended his first ever showcase as a Junior at the Southeast Honor Roll Camp in November ’10, and it exceeded our expectations. The camp was extremely well run and we were excited about the interest shown by the coaches in attendance. It allowed us to by-pass numerous showcases the following summer and get very focused on the schools that fit his academic and skills profile. He’s now in the final stages of recruiting and has several great DI options we never imagined possible. Dave M., Father of Southeast Honor Roll Camp Attendee
Headfirst put all the other showcases to shame. Without question the Headfirst showcases were the most organized, well run and most effective showcases my son attended, especially in terms of personal interaction with college coaches. The exposure to coaches from excellent academic schools is unsurpassed, as is the recruiting advice. I’d tell any parent that if their son is interested in playing baseball at a great academic school — Headfirst is the only stop you need to make. Mark T. Father of HRC Attendee
This was my son’s first experience with Headfirst Honor Roll Camps. He has participated in others but this was top notch from the moment we walked into the facility. The opportunity for my son to engage with coaches on and off the field was the highlight. My son is personable and Headfirst was the perfect platform for this as he looks to extend his playing career at the college level. Mother of 2015 Northeast Honor Roll Camper
Thanks for putting on such an amazingly well run and organized showcase last week. The positive environment that the Headfirst Team created allowed the boys to play at their highest levels and that is very unique compared to other events we have attended. Jeb S., Father of 2015 California Honor Roll Camper
My son had a great experience at the camp. He has done other “showcase events” but this was far and above the best. The skill sessions and games were great fun for him to participate in. Blaine R., Father of 2015 Northeast Honor Roll Camper
I would need more than a few sentences to convey my high opinion and sentiments of what Headfirst represents and signifies. As a former member of the Honor Roll Camp staff, I can report with certainty that Headfirst runs the best showcases for true student-athletes. The staff works hard to maximize the players’ time and energy while at Camp. Brendan Sullivan and his team also do a great job of facilitating contact between the players and the college coaches. The recruiting process would have been much easier had Headfirst Honor Roll Camp been around when I was in High School. Chris Young, Former Dallas Mustang, Graduate of Highland Park HS and Princeton University. 2014 American League Comeback Player of the Year with the Seattle Mariners
My son had the opportunity to participate in your Baseball Showcase last summer. He has just been accepted at Carleton College. Your organization was instrumental in getting him in front of coaches that ultimately recruited him. First, thank you very much for creating the perfect showcase environment. Second, please do not hesitate to add me to your list of parents that endorse your commitment to making this process successful. Craig Schwimmer, Honor Roll Camp Dad
I have attended other showcases; but never have I attended one this well-run or one as rewarding as Headfirst. I was given invaluable playing advice by the coaches. In addition, the information and lessons learned off the field were just as valuable. I feel extremely fortunate to have had the opportunity to attend Headfirst. For me, it was an almost surreal experience and one I hope was a foreshadowing of realizing my dream to play ball at college level. Being in a game and on the field with coaches from world-class colleges with amazing baseball teams was extraordinary. Matt. F., California Honor Roll Camp Attendee
Our participation in your showcase was one of the most positive events in my son's life. John had never attended a single showcase and decided to explore Headfirst based on the suggestion of his pitching coach. He had no idea what to expect, but he was optimistic that something positive might come from the visit. His experience at the facility was incredibly positive, friendly and supportive people at every turn. Your team could not have been more helpful, both professionally and personally.We headed home feeling excited about our two days and wondered if any coaches might reach out for John. To our amazement, the phone rang and emails began to hit. After two weeks over 15 coaches had contacted John and showed strong interest in him. The calls and emails have continued through this week. We comment over dinner how those two days changed his life. Before Headfirst Honor Roll Camp, John was an invisible student-athlete with good grades and strong SATs; after attending he became a known entity with the belief that he actually had a choice to attend some of finest institutions on the planet. Thanks for changing one young man’s life forever. Keep up the great work. Jerry M., Father of Northeast Honor Roll Camper
Very few things in life exceed your expectations. For us, the Headfirst Honor Roll Camps have wildly exceeded our expectations. We found the Honor Roll Camps to be the most cost-effective and efficient way for an academically-oriented athlete to get exposure to college coaches/programs. Lastly, we have always found the Headfirst staff to be informative, realistic and insightful. You just simply can't beat the Headfirst camps. Janice & Brad Stevens, Parents of 2-time Honor Roll Camp Attendee
Headfirst had the right mix of offensive/defensive showcase and games. Most importantly, Headfirst environment/philosophy made the college coaches accessible unlike any other camp/showcase.Father of Honor Roll Camper
Our son had an incredible experience at Headfirst Honor Roll Camp in Rocklin, CA. The talks given by the Headfirst staff were outstanding and reinforced the core values we have teaching our son — and to tie it in with their college baseball backgrounds made it very motivational for our son. Overall, it was the most wonderful two days. Julie M., mother of HRC Camper
Headfirst gets it. They run a program geared to serve on an equal playing field for both the players and college coaches. Great showcase that understands the demands on the players and how these events can impact their lives. Father of 2015 California Honor Roll Camper
Headfirst Honor Roll Camp at Baseball Heaven was the “granddaddy” of all college academic showcases. My son, Matthew, had previously attended several other college showcases that had far fewer colleges in attendance — and had him stand around waiting for his opportunity to play. Matthew not only pitched two days back to back facing 20 batters but played 18 innings at first base and hit over a dozen times. The talks by the college coaches and Headfirst coaches were outstanding and helpful. A great experience and Matt has already been contacted by 5 colleges. Father of HRC Attendee
Dear Brendan & John: We wanted to drop a note to Headfirst to say ‘thank you’ for the part you played in getting our son recruited into a great school: Macalester College. The Honor Roll Baseball Camps run by Headfirst deliver one best and unique opportunities any young man can have to truly get recruited for both a great education and playing college baseball — all at the same time. Father of HRC III Attendee
Brendan & John: Thanks for putting together a terrific program for our High School sons to take advantage of. As parents of a returning Headfirst pitcher and now a rising Senior, we continue to appreciate the value of the service that you provide. We enjoyed listening to each of you speak in addition to hearing from Ted and the various coaches. Giving the boys the chance and encouraging the players to interact with the coaches provides great opportunities and wonderful life lessons that they can take away. We agree with your comments about the networking opportunities that exist and the importance of creating relationships that last a lifetime. Mother of HRC IV Attendee
My son had a great experience at the Honor Roll Camp at Baseball Heaven. The staff was top notch and the constant exposure and interaction with the college coaches was invaluable — an outstanding experience all around — the staff and program certainly exceeded our high expectations. If a high school player is going to attend one showcase — Headfirst is a must. Ralph, Father of HRC Camper
I played DI college baseball and this is THE best opportunity for high school players I have seen in my baseball career. My son is an excellent player, but he had no idea how beneficial this Camp would be. In addition to great instruction/information, he has been contacted by 12 schools in the first five days since camp (five of those DI). As a parent, I could not be more pleased with your organization and this experience. I haven't stopped talking about it since we got home from Richmond. This ABSOLUTELY blows away any other college showcase experience I have ever witnessed. There is not even a close second. Thank you so much! Father of HRC Attendee
We have been to more than a dozen showcase camps in the past few years, and none of them has been more helpful than the Honor Roll Camp. The players and college coaches are encouraged by the Headfirst staff to interact with each other so players who might otherwise be reluctant to approach a college coach can follow the examples of their peers rather than the directions of their parents. The organization and helpfulness of the Headfirst staff are unparalleled. Our player received valuable, personalized feedback from the Headfirst staff that we have not received anywhere else. They work very hard to make sure that every player benefits from the camp and that no one gets lost in a crowd.Mother of HRC Attendee
This was the first camp of many that my son attended to which we had direct contact with the coaches. For my son to have the ability to get immediate feedback on his performance and things to do to improve his skills far exceeded what I expected to happen at this camp. This is not the typical camp, it is exceptional! Father of Southeast Honor Roll Camper